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Note: This page is used by the candidate of the board election as a platform to show his views and answer some standard questions.


Introduction and Biography

Dear reader,

this is Pierre Böckmann writing here. I was born in Berlin, Germany more than 34 years ago. On my ride through life I studied Computer Science at the TU Berlin and HTW Berlin and am now a Software Engineer working in Hamburg.

My SUSE journey started with SuSE Linux 7.3 back in 2001 - with a box I bought at the local computer store not having any idea about Linux yet.

After the early - maybe too early - adoption of KDE Plasma 4 there was a time where I started distro hopping. Though each distro had its own beautiful specific features I always came back to openSUSE - it simply feels home. With openSUSE Leap we finally got a distro that was in almost every aspect fitting my needs and preferences. I am therefore spreading the word about openSUSE, especially openSUSE Leap at any chance given.

Since openSUSE Leap 15.0 was released I switched to Leap for my workstation needs, too. I never looked back and am still using openSUSE Leap 15.2 at work for all my Developer tasks and at home for all my media needs.


  • German translations (Weblate)
  • spreading the word (mainly on my blog at - "Why I prefer openSUSE over other distributions" is a post that got shared a lot on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Mastodon, Diaspora)
  • blog aggregated on (de/en)
  • helping and supporting whenever and where ever I can

Thanks go out to ...

... everyone who nominated me or are supporting the nomination. A special thanks goes out to Gerald Pfeifer, who brought up my name though - or specifically because - I was the one calling for a Non-Confidence-Vote.

Why you should vote for me (nonetheless)

I know that not everyone was happy with my call for the Non-Confidence-Vote. As I already stated in my mail to the mailing list I did that with all the best intentions for the community and the distro. openSUSE is my daily driver at home, at work and beyond that even as a hobby. So hurting the community and distro would consequently hurt myself, too. And that would be the furthest thing from my thoughts and intentions. Nonetheless I was and still am one of the biggest critics of the current openSUSE board and their work of the last few months.

Nonetheless, and if elected, I will put all my passion for openSUSE into my work for the board and community. Bringing in a load of criticism shall not weaken the board or make the work more difficult but should give the board and community a chance for a change, growth and improvement. I will always work with all my passion to best serve openSUSE and our community and its general good.

And last but not least you should vote for me and thereby in favour of the following goals I set for my potential time in the openSUSE board:

My Goals

  • continuing and supporting the work towards a openSUSE foundation
  • bringing the critical thoughts and new views of me and some others (who are not confident with the boards work of the last few months) directly into the board
  • improving the confidence of the community in the board
  • improving the community's morale
  • improving the overall cooperation within the community and between community and board

Current Issues / Criticism

Though the Non-Confidence-Vote got only about 11 percent of the needed 20 percent to trigger a complete re-election of the board the criticism about how the board acts and works is still valid. Nothing has change since I decided to call for a Non-Confidence-Vote. The unnecessary and disgraceful retaliation against a former board member is not what I want to see from an elected institution of the community I am part of.

Besides all the hassles inside of the community I still want to see the foundation project being continued and would love to support the efforts.

Best wishes ...

...go out to every one in the openSUSE community. I hope we can overcome the difficulties in a joint effort.

Good luck to hellcp for his candidacy.