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Support community contributions to ALP. Remind other workgroups of transparency.
Bring back sense of ownership back to the community.

Current members

As every ALP workgroup group can have one driver, one or more identified stakeholders, and then welcomes everybody who would like to list himself as interested.

All enlisted members including "interested" have a duty to attend regular meetings.

Regular meeting

Temporary: ALP Community WG meetings will be for now part of the regular community weekly meetings.
There are two weekly meetings options that take place at the following times:

Meeting will be on Tuesdays at 14:30 UTC (60 minutes)

Communication plan

All of the communication is happening on openSUSE ALP matrix channel ( It is bridged with as well as ircs://

We highly recommend you to use one of Matrix clients.

See openSUSE:Communication_channels for more details.

Communication plan
Platform Cadance Format Owners weekly blog-post Doug and Emily
reddit relevancy, teaser blog-post like TBD
factory weekly cross-reference of news-o-o with a teaser (first paragraph) Axel
matrix, telegram, discord weekly cross-reference of news-o-o automatic
twitter weekly cross-reference of news-o-o with short teaser owner TBD should have access to the twitter board of openSUSE ( ddemaio can give access weekly (Wednesday 15:00) table, report for our own group lkocman
distrowatch relevancy, teaser blog post TBD (perhaps we can give them heads up)

Meeting minutes

ALP news

Slides talks videos



Workgroup impact

Workgroup packagers/core contributors power users/enthusiast end-users comment
1:1 System Management low high high YaST or cockpit for remote & local management, mostly interesting for end users
ALP Virtualization low high low VM technology details mostly interesting for power users
Bootable images low high high bootloader decision & deprecation of BIOS impacts end-users, arm booting support for RPi users
Build Service Git-Packaging-Workflow high low low only contributors affected
Community high high high we must sell ALP well to everyone
Components delivery & lifecycle high high medium how packages are delivered impacts everyone, but power users are mostly concerned with this
Confidential Computing low low low most users will not care about this
Container (local) management frontend low high medium podman/nerdctl decision interesting for devs & power users
Container easy deployment / installation low high high how containers (= our packages) are provided impacts all our users
Deployment / Management Framework low high medium salt/ansible decision for admins/enthusiasts
Desktop low medium high Desktop decision impacts end users mostly
Documentation medium high high everyone likes good docs, contributors should be able to submit fixes easily
DPU integration low low low most users will not need this
Embedded / Automotive low medium low most end users will not run on any embedded platform, power users could use this a bit
FPGA integration low low low most users will not care about this
Full-disk encryption low high medium all users impacted, power users will care most about this
Hardware Accelerators low low low most end users are not running anything like that
High Performance Computing low low low out of scope for end users
Image-based Installation and Update low high medium impacts how our users use the images/OS
Installation / Deployment low medium high mostly end users will care about installers, power users use Salt/Ansible
Integrity Protection low low low very specific and out of scope for most users
Kernel And Live Patching low high high how frequent will we have kernel updates -> gaming & hardware support
Kernel performance testing low low low not really sure what this is about, the confluence page is rather empty
Network Management & Configuration low medium low appears to be about the deprecation of wicked, imho NM is widely adopted already anyway
OSaaS and Intelligent OS low medium low only some power users will resort to this functionality
Quality Engineering medium low low the outcome impacts everyone, the actual work will probably only be interesting for some contributors
RISC-V port low medium low RISCV is the new hotness in some circles
SAP and High Availability low low low no end user would run SAP workloads
Security framework medium medium low contributors will have to write audit rules, power users will like to use this
Supply Chain Security high low low contributors should not be hindered, rest does probably not care too much
Support and Maintenance high low low should be easy to contribute to released ALP, rest doesn't care too much
Telemetry low low high only impacts subscribers, just have to communicate this properly to not blow up