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openSUSE 11.4 was released on March, 10th 2011! and there is no better way to enjoy the new release than with your fellow openSUSE peers! That's why we wanted to organise a launch party in Hong Kong!


We had no major dedicated launch party due to lack of participants. However, we made up for that with a presence at

DVDs were distributed in good quantity at all events, courtesy the PromoDVDs AJ sent, as also the numerous DVDs (mostly Li-f-e, some vanilla), that I arranged.

Event reports will be provided soon.


There was install media (DVDs) available of openSUSE 11.4 and and its Li-f-e (Linux for Education) derivative. We helped with installation for some who had brought their laptops along and referred to online resources for the others we gave DVDs to. We provided mini tutorials and leaflets for everyone to get started, as also to familiarise people to the project.


Some of the attendants at the mini launch party were:

  • Koushik Kumar Nundy
  • Deepak Deshpande
  • Akash Agarwal
  • Wang Chao
  • Kunal Khubani
  • Xu Fanqing
  • Suryansh Pandey

The other events were Generic FOSS, and hence had to many attendees to document independently.

Contact us

For any queries/suggestion, please mail kknundy

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