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The marketing leads all promotional activities around openSUSE aimed to increase the presence and visibility on the web and in as many places around the world as possible. This includes

  • Develop consistent message about openSUSE Project
  • Engage (create team liaisons ) with all openSUSE teams to promote their specific works.
  • Collaborate with Artwork Team to develop materials that support the marketing message.
  • Create articles to be published or video tutorials for the YouTube page promoting openSUSE Project's works.
  • Find one of the marketing jobs and contribute.
  • Plan and write news releases of relevant openSUSE accomplishments.
  • Provide support in creating news for the next release.
  • Maintain good presence on media/social media sites (eg. Wikipedia, Twitter)
  • Helping at events. (More to come.)
  • Provide coordination assistance for global events (e.g. Launch Parties, news releases, etc.).
  • Work with other marketing teams on common interests
  • Create artwork or graphics that will help tell the story of openSUSE releases.
  • Communicate with the project about improving the brand.
  • Help improve the project's website.


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Brainstorming Initiative
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