Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a Freeware class-based first-person-shooter set in WW2 era. It was meant to be a multi-player addon for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. The engine used is a modified version of Id Tech 3. In 2010 it's source code was released.


  • Experience-Points
  • Objective/Campaign/Stopwatch Mode
  • Last Man Standing


There are several packages available in the games repository:

  • enemy-territory based on the initial Open Source release
  • etlegacy binary compatible version with multiple bug-fixes (recommended)

Both depend on the enemy-territory-data package which will fetch and install the game files automatically.


It is recommended to install etlegacy not only because it fixes the common problems listed below, but also because of security issues. The original source code release from http://iowolfet.org/ is unmaintained with many outdated dependencies.


For compatibility reasons 64-bit users have to install the 32-bit packages of the game.

No Sound

Install the etlegacy package which supports modern sound systems without hacks.


Set the resolution manually in ~/.etwolf/etmain/etconfig.cfg or install etlegacy which detects widescreen resolutions your monitor supports.


Official support has been ceased, but you can still generate a user key at http://www.etkey.org/.

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