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Developer: Unvanquished Team
License: GNU GPL
Web: http://unvanquished.net/


Unvanquished is a free and Open Source First Person Shooter and Real Time Strategy hybrid game. Two asymmetric factions: human military vs. insectoid aliens fight over dominance in a space science fiction setting. The project started as a fork of Tremulous and is in active and open development with a monthly release schedule. For rendering it relies on the Daemon engine which is ultimately based on idTech 3, but with numerous graphical improvements.


  • Modern OpenGL version 3 compliant renderer.
  • Special effects, including bloom, rim lighting, motion blur, heat haze, and color grading.
  • Models with skeletal animation and procedural animation blending.
  • 2D minimaps and a real-time beacon system.
  • Support for normal, specular, glow, and gloss texture maps.
  • Navmesh-based bots utilizing behavior trees.
  • Localization support with several community-produced translations

See also

  • Steam which grants access to comparable commercial titles such as Natural Selection 2

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