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User talk:RedDwarf

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Hi RedDwarf,

thanks for contributing

You probably want to read about:

  • about namespace designation in the new wiki,
  • importance of linking in the wiki, so that articles can be found by other users,
  • about portal pages design and use of predefined templates,
  • about use of subpages; we want to minimize their usage, so use them as little as possible, and even then only when / (slash) does not appear in the article title and for some service pages that are not meant for users,
  • about categories and their use in the new wiki.

In short you have to read Portal:Wiki and articles linked from that portal.

I'll try to fix Portal:KDE so that links lead to proper namespace instead the subpage of KDE Portal. That should help you and other volunteers to work productively.

If you have questions please ask, I'll be happy to assist you in the efforts to contribute to wiki.

For the wiki team, --00:40, 20 June 2010 (UTC) Rajko m Talk - Contributions