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I found a page Id:Template:Weekly news which doesn't belong where it is created. The link that works for other translations directs them to separate wiki servers that are created for other listed languages. There is no such server for Indonesian language and in the moment we don't have one server for all languages that have volunteers to do only portion of translations, for instance only Weekly news, or only few articles in this wiki.

The discussion started before release and stopped as everybody was busy with 11.3 and the new wiki, but it is time to start that again. Please join mail list and ask where suppose to go translations that translate only one or few articles from English wiki.

For other questions please see below.

Hi Init7,

Welcome and thanks for the interest in openSUSE.

If you want to help us around Wiki please see Portal:Wiki that has a lot of information about wiki organization. Unlike old wiki there is a minimal set of rules that we have to use in order to keep wiki nice and readable.

If you need help, or you are not sure about details, please visit openSUSE:Wiki team to see how to contact us and get answers to your questions.


Regards, your Wiki team.