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It is about using delta rpm files to save download traffic.

In general: One can use delta rpm to save on download time and volume, but they work only when there is existing rpm that can be updated.

For users on a metered connection there can be substantial savings, but they will have to leave all rpm files used during installation. With today computers and hard disk sizes that is cheaper then to pay for downloads.

Default is not to save, but it can be changed, although it is:

  • not obvious how to do that,
  • not advertised as an option to save bandwidth.

Majority of users will leave default. Even those that can profit from smaller downloads.


Live USB stick

  • split content per operating system
  • offer 2 layouts
Main article as is SDB:Live USB stick
  • right side - small index to choose all in one or per topic (operating system)
  • left side - all in one transcluded from separate pages, one page per frame
All in one will use the same layout as Portal pages
  • There will be no subpages, but common, right hand side, navigation bar located as subpage of SDB:Live USB stick (it will not appear anywhere as title so it doesn't matter that is subpage)
  • To enable navigation bar all articles must be in Category:Live USB stick, then we use <categorytree>Category:Live USB stick</categorytree> on SDB:Live USB stick/navigation.
  • Each of pages will be one section in the frame ETA: next week

For bugzilla

  • Put HCL under revision control
    • Requested in bugzilla as bnc#683964
    • Opened discussion on a opensuse-web mail list.
  • Missing images for wiki user that is not logged in



Pads around




And few more search Google for: opensuse


  • How to write about software in the new wiki?
    • Main namespace - article that is software presentation that doesn't change very often. To achieve this use links to upstream project (latest news, change log, main page, svn/git, where to report problems), software search ( ) for the openSUSE packages, give description of software as found upstream (but check how current it is), some screenshots (with added version to which they relate).
    • SDB namespace, should contain installation, configuration, workaround for bugs and troubleshooting instructions, but even here it should be add on value that is not present on upstream pages. For instance, instructions for versions delivered in opensuse. Such information can be hard to find upstream.
    • In general, we don't want to duplicate upstream information, we want to give readers something that can't be found there, at bare minimum to cover flow from the moment user learns about software trough installation and configuration, and also the ways to report problems and ask for solution.

Procedure: Prepare pages that should be copied to language wikis

  1. List pages and give them for discussion on project list and wiki forum
  2. Fix pages that make wiki skeleton
  3. Export them all
  4. Grep for all links, templates and categories
  5. Add them to the list
  6. Export new list to see sizes,
  7. Group them under the 4 MB limit and export again.
  8. Fix titles to be LANG-English_title
  9. Import in local instance to check links
  10. Fix links in en.o.o exported files
  11. Import in each of the wikis