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Vendor: Totem-Team

License: GPL
Web: Totem

Totem' is the standard media player of thte desktop environment GNOME. The application uses GTK+ and it's developed under the free license GPL. XINE and GStreamer can be used as the backend of Totem. A plugin for Firefox is included in the package for playing media files in your browser. Totem is used to create the picture/video thumbnails in Nautilus and GNOME. Another plugin is used to display a Nautilus-propertypage, which gives detailed informations about the current media file. GnomeVFS allows totem to use various network shares, such like decrypted ssh shares and windows shares.


  • Playback of all supported files of Xine or GStreamer
  • Supports LIRC
  • Shoutcast-, SMIL- and Real-Playlist support
  • Displays TV with changing the resolution (optional)
  • remote control with the terminal
  • full supported keyboard navigation
  • taking screenshots
  • automatic subtitle loading

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