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This article was outdated and is now (Jan 20 2011) up to date.

Since openSUSE 11.1 the YaST printer module was made completely new, see Archive:YaST_Printer_redesign and therein in particular the sections "Basic Design Ideas" and "Basic Implementation Principles".

The article described the old YaST printer module up to openSUSE 11.0. Therefore in particular information about the exact setup actions (like which exact buttons to click) was outdated and needed to be written anew.

Nevertheless the general information (in particular about basic ideas behind) was still true but this information was somewhat duplicate because it is also provided in other articles like Concepts printing and SDB:CUPS in a Nutshell so that such information was mostly omitted here and replaced by links to the other articles.

I (User:Jsmeix) updated the article on Thu Jan 20 2011.