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SDB Talk:Gnyers/InteropDemo/SambaAsMemeberServer

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Wrong Place?

This looks like several other sub-pages of User:Gnyers, but I don't have permission to move it there. The similar pages are: User:Gnyers/InteropDemo/SambaAsMemberServerInADDomain User:Gnyers/InteropDemo/ApacheAuthAndAuthzIntegrationWithADDomain User:Gnyers/InteropDemo/SambaAsNTStyleDomainController User:Gnyers/InteropDemo/WindowsRemoteDesktopOnLinux User:Gnyers/InteropDemo/AccessingMSSQLThroughODBC All of them, like this page, are marked "This article is not yet ready".
PatrickDGarvey (talk) 02:26, 23 December 2016 (UTC)