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SDB:Ssh-agent KDE Wallet

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Tested on openSUSE

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You are a KDE4/KDE5 user who is fed up with entering your SSH passphrase multiple times per day.


  • Install ksshaskpass if it isn't already. On Plasma 5, the correct package is "ksshaskpass5".
  • Add a script: ~/.kde4/Autostart/ (KDE4) or ~/.config/autostart-scripts/ (KDE5), with execute permission, containing:
export SSH_ASKPASS=/usr/lib/ssh/ksshaskpass
/usr/bin/ssh-add -q </dev/null

Starting with openSUSE Tumbleweed 20200826, enter this (/usr/lib/ changed to /usr/libexec/):

export SSH_ASKPASS=/usr/libexec/ssh/ksshaskpass
/usr/bin/ssh-add -q </dev/null

Next time you login, you'll be prompted for your KDE Wallet password and then your passphrase. From then on, no more passphrase prompts.


The above script will only add the default key ~/.ssh/id_rsa. Assuming you have different SSH keys named key1, key2, key3 in ~/.ssh/, you may add them automatically on login by changing the above script to:

ssh-add -q ~/.ssh/key1 ~/.ssh/key2 ~/.ssh/key3 < /dev/null

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