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This guide demonstrates how to enable the open source radeonhd driver.
Warning: In most cases it is not a good idea to follow this guide.
In fact radeonhd driver, thought providing 2D support and (experimental) 3D for some GPU AMD/ATI, are almost abandoned; their functionality are provided (and enlarged) by radeon driver (see vs.

Version: 11.2+ This applies to openSUSE starting from 11.2.

AMD portal edit

AMD Hardware


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AMD fglrx

Supported hardware

Here is a complete list of hardware supported (taken from the radeonhd man page in 12.2; package: xorg-x11-driver-video-radeonhd, version: 1.3.0_20100512_80ba041. For the list maintained by the mainstream project site, see the External links):

      RV505   Radeon X1550, X1550 64bit
      RV515   Radeon X1300, X1550, X1600; FireGL V3300, V3350
      RV516   Radeon X1300, X1550, X1550 64-bit, X1600; FireMV 2250
      R520    Radeon X1800; FireGL V5300, V7200, V7300, V7350
      RV530   Radeon X1300 XT, X1600, X1600 Pro, X1650; FireGL V3400, V5200
      RV535   Radeon X1300, X1650
      RV550   Radeon X2300 HD
      RV560   Radeon X1650
      RV570   Radeon X1950, X1950 GT; FireGL V7400
      R580    Radeon X1900, X1950; AMD Stream Processor
      R600    Radeon HD 2900 GT/Pro/XT; FireGL V7600/V8600/V8650
      RV610   Radeon HD 2350, HD 2400 Pro/XT, HD 2400 Pro AGP; FireGL V4000
      RV620   Radeon HD 3450, HD 3470
      RV630   Radeon HD 2600 LE/Pro/XT, HD 2600 Pro/XT AGP; Gemini RV630; FireGL V3600/V5600
      RV635   Radeon HD 3650, HD 3670
      RV670   Radeon HD 3690, 3850, HD 3870, FireGL V7700, FireStream 9170
      R680    Radeon HD 3870 X2
      M52     Mobility Radeon X1300
      M54     Mobility Radeon X1400; M54-GL
      M56     Mobility Radeon X1600; Mobility FireGL V5200
      M58     Mobility Radeon X1800, X1800 XT; Mobility FireGL V7100, V7200
      M62     Mobility Radeon X1350
      M64     Mobility Radeon X1450, X2300
      M66     Mobility Radeon X1700, X1700 XT; FireGL V5250
      M68     Mobility Radeon X1900
      M71     Mobility Radeon HD 2300
      M72     Mobility Radeon HD 2400; Radeon E2400
      M74     Mobility Radeon HD 2400 XT
      M76     Mobility Radeon HD 2600; (Gemini ATI) Mobility Radeon HD 2600 XT
      M82     Mobility Radeon HD 3400
      M86     Mobility Radeon HD 3650, HD 3670, Mobility FireGL V5700
      M88     Mobility Radeon HD 3850, HD 3850 X2, HD 3870, HD3870 X2
      RS600   Radeon Xpress 1200, Xpress 1250
      RS690   Radeon X1200, X1250, X1270
      RS740   RS740, RS740M
      RS780   Radeon HD 3100/3200/3300 Series
      R700    Radeon R700
      RV710   Radeon HD4570, HD4350
      RV730   Radeon HD4670, HD4650
      RV770   Radeon HD 4800 Series; Everest, K2, Denali ATI FirePro
      RV790   Radeon HD 4890
      M92     Mobility Radeon HD4330, HD4530, HD4570. EXPERIMENTAL
      M93     Mobility Radeon M93. EXPERIMENTAL AND UNTESTED
      M96     Mobility Radeon HD4600
      M97     Mobility Radeon HD4860. EXPERIMENTAL AND UNTESTED
      M98     Mobility Radeon HD4850, HD4870

Enabling Radeonhd

If your device is supposed to be supported, you can follow this procedure to enable the radeonhd driver.

Disable KMS

Add nomodeset to your kernel boot options to disable KMS; radeonhd doesn't support it.

Blacklist radeon

# echo blacklist radeon > /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf

Xorg Configuration

# vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-device.conf

(uncomment the driver radeon and tack on "hd")


For my FirePro v8800 I had to manually edit the xorg.conf file and change

BusID       "PCI:4:0:0"


BusID       "PCI:3:0:0"

in order for the driver to operate on 11.4. lspci -v shows the bus id you may need if these instructions fail.


# shutdown -r now

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