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Tested on openSUSE

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Many people want to create DVDs that show a slideshow of their photos, often with background music, to send to friends and relatives. There are a couple of ways to do this in Linux, depending on how much you want to customise the slideshow.

Using GUI programs (kdenlive, devede, k3b)

Using Imagination


Using kdenlive, devede and k3b

  1. Ensure you have the packman repository enabled as described here Then use YAST->Install Software or zypper to install kdenlive and devede.
  2. Copy the photos you want to use in your slideshow into a folder per section, since kdenlive deals with the concept of 'clips' instead of individual photos. For example put your photos from your trip to the UK into one folder and those from your trip to France in another.
  3. Now fire up kdenlive and click Tools->Add Title Clip. Click the 'Add Text' button in the top left and type in the title of this section, eg. 'My Awesome trip to the UK'. After clicking Ok drag the Title Clip onto the timeline as the first item.
  4. Click Tools->Add Slideshow Clip. You can then select the first folder (in this example the UK photos). Once that clip is imported drag it into the timeline after the title clip.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for your other photo folders.
  6. If you want an audio track in the background you can add audio files with Project->Add Clip, and then drag those clips onto one of the audio timelines in the main window.
  7. Once you're finished (you can preview the final video at any time with the Project Monitor window) click Render. I got decent results with MPEG2 800K for creating a DVD, of course if you're not going to create a DVD choose a video format appropriate to how you want to distribute it (Xvid file on a CD or USB drive, Youtube, direct download etc.)
  8. If you want to actually create a DVD I found it's best to use devede. In this program click 'Add' under the 'Files' section and browse to the .mpg file that kdenlive created in step 7.
  9. Then click 'Menu Options' under 'Menus' and ensure that what's there suits you. Also ensure that 'Action' is set to 'Create an ISO..image, ready to burn to disc' Devede has multiple options you can customise but I found this was enough to get a basic Slideshow DVD.
  10. Hit 'Next' and get Devede to create the .iso file. You can now burn this file to a DVD using k3b (or any other burning program).

Using the command line

A common suggestions on forums is to use DVDSlideshow (this can also be installed using YAST->Software Installation).