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To install packages from third party vendors, the packman repository or community repositories of the openSUSE Build Service, you can make use of the opi tool.

OPI allows you to search and install almost all packages available for openSUSE and SLE.



You can simply install opi from the default repo using zypper or yast:

sudo zypper in opi


To see what opi can do, just run the opi command in the terminal without any arguments.

% opi
usage: opi [-h] [-v] [query ...]

openSUSE Package Installer

Search and install almost all packages available for openSUSE and SLE:
  1. openSUSE Build Service
  2. Packman
  3. Popular packages for various vendors

positional arguments:
  query          can be any package name or part of it and will be searched for both at the openSUSE Build Service and Packman.
                 If multiple query arguments are provided only results matching all of them are returned.

  -h, --help     show this help message and exit
  -v, --version  show program's version number and exit

Also these queries can be used to install packages from various other vendors:
  anydesk           AnyDesk remote access
  atom              Atom Text Editor
  brave             Brave web browser
  chrome            Google Chrome web browser
  codecs            Media Codecs from Packman and official repo
  dotnet            Microsoft .NET
  megasync          Mega Desktop App
  msedge            Microsoft Edge
  msteams           Microsoft Teams
  plex              Plex Media Server
  skype             Microsoft Skype
  slack             Slack messenger
  sublime           Editor for code, markup and prose
  teamviewer        TeamViewer remote access
  vivaldi           Vivaldi web browser
  vscode            Microsoft Visual Studio Code
  vscodium          Visual Studio Codium
  yandex-browser    Yandex web browser
  yandex-disk       Yandex.Disk cloud storage client
  zoom              Zoom Video Conference

Eg. for installing codecs from the packman repo, you can run the following (see SDB:Installing_codecs_from_Packman_repositories for details):

opi codecs
Installing packages from OBS Repos using OPI

Beware that other than shown in the gif, installing something from openSUSE:Factory repo and keeping the repo afterwards is not a good idea.

Adding Plugins for third party packages

If you think that there is a third party application that is available as an RPM package and that is missing, you can easily contribute to OPI and add that application.

All you need to do is create a Pull Request on GitHub adding a new plugin file for your application.

This can be as simple as

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