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Tested on openSUSE

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This article provides help with the installation of the commercial computer algebra system Maple Version V.


You want to install Maple V in a recent openSUSE distribution.


The following has been tested with Maple V Release 5.1 and openSUSE 11.4 64 Bit. It is assumed that the maple installation path is /usr/local/maple.

Installing Linux libc version 5

Maple V needs the obsolete C standard library "Linux libc", which has been dropped in SuSE 9.2. Without this library the maple executable will print an error like:

/usr/local/maple/bin_IBM_INTEL_LINUX/mapleTTY: no such file or directory

The library can be obtained from the discontinued SuSE 9.1 repository and installed with:

rpm -i shlibs5-2001.7.30-209.i586.rpm

This and the following commands need root privileges. The dynamic linker run-time bindings must be updated. The library search directory can be added with the command:

echo /usr/i486-linux-libc5/lib >> /etc/

Alternatively the path can be appended to /etc/ Then run:


Now the maple command should start a working text shell.

Linking to X11 Locales

In order to use the graphical user interface with the xmaple command, it is necessary to make the X11 locales available by linking the obsolete path looked up by xmaple to the existing path where stores the locales:

mkdir /usr/X11R6/lib/X11
ln -s /usr/share/X11/locale /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/locale

Otherwise the program might crash with a segmentation fault.

Providing XKeysymDB

The xmaple program relies on the file /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/XKeysymDB for keyboard input. This file has been removed from the version of that comes with openSUSE 11.4. It can be downloaded from the libX11 GIT Repository. Without this file xmaple will print warning messages like:

Warning: translation table syntax error: Unknown keysym name:  osfActivate
Warning: ... found while parsing '<Key>osfActivate:ManagerParentActivate()'

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