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SDB:Known problems and special features

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This article presents issues that can happen at the installation process.

Configuration issues on first install

KDE live install

  • Although sound is enabled and tests alright with KDE system settings for other applications you are likely to have to go to YAST sound settings, select Other v -> Volume and move PCM master volume full on as it is set at zero by default.
  • Although Windows is mounted automatically you will have to go to YAST partition manager to mount any legacy linux data partitions

Online registration fails

Version: 11.2 This issue happens only with openSUSE 11.2.


The system can't be registered by the YaST Support Module


Because of the very short time before releasing openSUSE 11.2, open-slx was not able to provide all needed backend services for this yast modul.


Please register via Email, Website and Telefon. The registration form can you find at the open-slx website.

ASCII error


The first bootprocess exits with an Error:

OS112 fehler.png
Error at the first boot up.


An error while the installation process occurs.


Press after the booting process the Enter key and type


After pressing Enter the boot/installation process continues.

If you follow these steps your system will boot without graphical boot screen, i.e. you'll see ascii text messages during boot. In order to get the graphical boot screen with progress bar you simply have to set the correct VGA mode in the GRUB entry by using the bootmanger setup module in YaST (for example 0x31).