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avast! anti virus Linux edition is a on-demand virus scanner. It does not scan the memory or provide any on-access protection. However, it is useful if you have a dual-boot configuration with Windows. In this case it allows you to scan your Windows operating system files without having to actually start Windows.


Installing avast! anti virus

  • Download Avast Anti Virus (32-bit)
  • Click on the RPM link and then select Open with Install Software on the pop up menu
  • Provide root password as requested
  • Proceed with the installation
  • Optionaly register to get license key so it will not stop working after 60 days

Using avast! anti virus

Virus scanning

Scan the file or all files in a directory as specified by <path> for viruses with no automatic action upon finding any infections.

avast <path>

Scan the file or all files in a directory as specified by <path> and if an infection or infections are found, avast! will automatically delete the infected files.

avast --continue 1 <path>

To scans only the a directory's content and not any sub-directories inside of it, use

avast -d <directory>

Updating avast!'s virus database

The following command updates avast's virus database (internet connection is required) so that it can detect newly discovered virus. You should run this at regular basis.


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