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This page lists and describes the available repositories containing KDE software and provides links. Most of them are maintained and supported by the openSUSE KDE Community team.

Adding these repos to an existing installation

If you're not using the installer provided on Argon and Krypton, you can switch an existing system to use the repos listed here using Zypper (YaST can be used to add the repos, but not for the switch to the new packages).

It's important to use a higher priority (which means a lower value!) than the main openSUSE repos and use zypper dup --allow-vendor-change for the switch (see Vendor change update).

On Leap, use $releasever instead of hardcoding the distribution version in the URL. This avoids having to change the URL on upgrades.

Example: Latest KDE software releases on Leap:

zypper ar -fp 75 '$releasever' KDE-Qt5
zypper ar -fp 74 '$releasever' KDE-Qt6
zypper ar -fp 74 '$releasever' KDE-Frameworks
zypper ar -fp 75 '$releasever' KDE-Frameworks5
zypper ar -fp 75 '$releasever' KDE-Applications
zypper ar -fp 75 '$releasever' KDE-Extra
zypper -v dup --allow-vendor-change
zypper -v install pattern:kde_plasma

Example: Builds from git master on Tumbleweed:

zypper ar -fp 75 KDE:Unstable:Qt
zypper ar -fp 75 KDE:Unstable:Frameworks
zypper ar -fp 75 KDE:Unstable:Applications
zypper ar -fp 75 KDE:Unstable:Extra
zypper -v dup --allow-vendor-change


The setup of the repositories is based on the distinction between three groups of packages, namely:

  • KDE Framework/Plasma packages. This group contains the Framework libraries and the Plasma Workspace.
  • KDE Application packages. This group contains the KDE Application releases, like Dolphin, Kdenlive, Konqueror, etc.
  • Packages for KDE/Qt based applications that are released independently from the major KDE software releases. This group contains applications that are based on the KDE or Qt libraries, like Krita, Konversation, Quassel, etc

Maintenance Updates

Since openSUSE 12.3, the openSUSE KDE Community team has been following a maintenance procedure where KDE packages that were shipped with the distribution are updated through the maintenance track with minor updates. This is to ensure that users have the latest available bug fixes for their KDE release.

Version: Leap 15.5 Shipped with Plasma 5.27.4 LTS, Applications 22.12.3 and KDE Frameworks 5.103.

Version: Leap 15.4 Shipped with Plasma 5.24.4 LTS, Applications 21.12.3 and KDE Frameworks 5.90.

Version: Leap 15.3 Shipped with Plasma 5.18.6 LTS, Applications 20.04.2 and KDE Frameworks 5.76.

Version: Leap 15.2 Shipped with Plasma 5.18.5 LTS, Applications 20.04.2 and KDE Frameworks 5.69.

Version: Leap 15.1 Shipped with Plasma 5.12.8 LTS, Applications 18.12.3 and KDE Frameworks 5.55.

Version: Leap 15.0 Shipped with Plasma 5.12.5 LTS, Applications 17.12.3 and KDE Frameworks 5.45.

Version: Leap 42.3 Shipped with Plasma 5.8.7 LTS, Applications 17.04.2 and KDE Frameworks 5.32.

Version: Leap 42.2 Shipped with Plasma 5.8.2 LTS, Applications 16.08.1 and KDE Frameworks 5.26.

Version: Leap 42.1 Shipped with Plasma 5.4.2, Applications 15.08 (with a couple of exceptions) and KDE Frameworks 5.15.

Version: 13.2 Shipped with KDE SC 4.14.2 and maintenance updates have been provided up to KDE SC 4.14.4.

Version: 13.1 Shipped with KDE SC 4.11.2 and maintenance updates have been provided up to KDE SC 4.11.5.

What's available

Based on what has been indicated above, the following repositories have been made available to the openSUSE users.

For Users

  • The latest KDE Frameworks 6 and Plasma 6 releases, optionally Applications
    These are newer versions of the Framework libraries and Plasma Desktop as released by the KDE community, plus a number of openSUSE-specific patches. Optionally you can also get updated KDE Applications. These are delivered for at least the latest openSUSE release and Tumbleweed. Depending on available versions of dependencies, these updates could also be delivered for older, but supported, openSUSE versions.
  • KDE Extra
    Newer versions of individual applications, KDE/Qt based (but not part of Frameworks, Plasma, or Application releases), which have been packaged for released distributions. These newer versions are building against diverse targets. This repository is maintained by the wider openSUSE community.

For Contributors

  • KDE Unstable Repositories
    Packages based on git snapshots of the above mentioned packages/releases. These are only built for the latest openSUSE Leap release and Tumbleweed due to possible dependencies on newer packages.

Updated "Extra" applications

Applications developed by KDE but not part of Frameworks, Plasma or Applications are developed in the KDE Extra repository. Use this repository to update some, but not all non-core applications to their latest version.

KDE Frameworks 6, Plasma 6 and Applications

Latest (also Beta!) releases of KDE Frameworks 6 and Plasma 6, optionally Applications as well.

If you want test a beta and/or use the latest release, you can use these repos. Not true for Plasma 6 just yet: Tumbleweed users will get new stable releases as soon as they're available, and are usually published to standard repositories in a matter of days.

Note for openSUSE Leap users: Leap ships with a Qt LTS release, which is not recent enough for the newest Plasma. So to use KDE:Frameworks5, KDE:Qt5 is required. Some applications from third-party repos might not be installable as they require the specific version of Qt shipped with Leap.

Unstable Frameworks, Plasma and Applications

Warning: Do not mix stable with unstable repositories. Doing so is prone to put your system in an inconsistent state.

These repositories contain daily builds of KDE Frameworks 5+6, Plasma 5+6 and KF-based applications from git. Due to dependencies, we can only provide packages for the latest openSUSE Leap release and Tumbleweed.

Given the rapid pace of development, use of these repositories is not recommended on production systems. They are mostly meant for developers and early testers - use at your own risk.

Warning: Please file reports upstream with KDE if you find bugs in the software.
Warning: In order to prevent issues due to dependencies, all repositories must be added at the same time.


This repository contains Qt core and additional libraries. Qt6 packages are co-installable with Qt5 ones.

Warning: Please file reports upstream with Qt if you find bugs in the libraries.

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