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The release plan is outlined in the Roadmap and gets created from the list of proposed features and Concepts.

Source code and testing

The source and documentation of the Open Build Service and its tools are hosted inside the Open Build Service Project at Notification messages for every commit are sent to the obs-commits mailinglist. The source code is covered by an extensive test-suite, for which the results and graphs can be found at the OBS Jenkins instance, and notification mails are sent to the obs-tests mailinglist. Please refer to the developer documentation for details.

Tools around OBS

Here is a list of official and non official OBS components and tools.

How to contribute

As with most open source projects, please start to write patches or a concept what you plan to develop. Github offers a nice feature to clone from the OBS project, change the code and submitting it back into the base project. There are some smaller projects (Junior Jobs) which are a good start for discovering the code and joining the development team.

Contact and support

At the moment we are doing community support via irc and mailinglists. OBS developers can also be met on popular open source events. If you would like to receive commercial support, please contact Andreas Jaeger to discuss options.