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OBS Server and Tools

This page provides a brief overview about all known OBS components and clients. If you write also one, please add a link to your resources here.

Official OBS components

Build Script

The build script is used by server and client to do the actual build process. It can build in chroot or in secure XEN or KVM enviroment.


Command Line Client

The command line client is used by power packagers, to solve merge conflicts and do local builds.


OSC source validator

An extension for osc to find common mistakes before committing source. These checks are enforced for official openSUSE packages.


OBS Server

The OBS server code to setup an own instance of OBS.


It can be installed easily as appliance:


OBS signing daemon

The signing daemon can be used for signing packages on the server. It is part of the OBS appliance.



Hermes is an optional extra component for OBS.

It is an extremely flexible solution to distribute events from OBS as notifications to users. It supports various ways of notification such as email, RSS or twitter posts. Users also can choose when the notification should happen: For each event individually or as digests posts after a given time span.

Hermes comes with a decent configuration app for users and an admin application.

Hermes Information portal:



software-o-o is an optional extra component for OBS end users. It is not yet modularized for general purpose use.


Unofficial OBS components

osc extensions

osc contrib

An osc plugin for working with the openSUSE:Factory:Contrib project.


osc collaboration plugin

An osc plugin for taging patches to improve upstream collaboration. Used by the Gnome people, it needs an additional server.



A Qt-based OBS client


Mono OSC

an OBS GUI written in Mono.


spec file cleaner

A script to standarise a spec file.


OBS git

A tool to checkout OBS sources and replicate them as a git repo.


FUSE file system to access OBS

To be able to mount an obs server as file system, you can use this fuse plugin.


OBS client for Android

Check your build states from your Android phone.


OBS client lib for Qt

A first stub to connect to an OBS server from a Qt appliacation.


OBS client lib for Java

A basic Java-based OBS library.


Sofware Auto Test Enviroment

This code is using OBS to rebuild code and test automatically the resulting appliance. This is used by YaST people to test their stack based on their git code, building packages and appliance in OBS.