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Lectrote is an IF interpreter using the Electron shell which allows you to run Z-code based classic text adventure games like Zork, Deadfall as well as modern text adventure games using the Glulx VM and games produced in with the Ink scripting language.

It is written and maintained by Andrew Plotkin and uses the MIT License.

Supported Games

  • most of the Infocom text adventures
  • most of the "modern" text adventures which using the Glulx VM and Ink scripting language

Getting started

Download the zip package from and extract it in your desired game folder:

       unzip Lectrote*.zip

To start Lectrote just double-click on the Lectrote binary or start it in CLI with ./Lectrote. Now you can use the GUI to open games.

To run games from the CLI just type:

       .Lectrote /PATH/TO/THE/GAME/game.z8