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Kraft eases your office work!

Download for openSUSE

Developer: The Kraft Project
License: GPL


Kraft helps people who operator a small business to handle their business communication documents such as offers or invoices. Documents are created easily within an easy to use KDE desktop application with perfect printout in PDF.


  • Customer Management utilizing the KDE infrastructure with KAddressbook
  • Automatted creation of offers, invoices nad similar documents
  • Text templates for faster document assembly
  • Item templates
  • Calculation module for comprehensible pricing of items
  • Material management
  • Configurable document creation in PDF
  • Archiving

See also

Other interesting software for the small office desktop is

  • Kontact - Personal Information Management such as organizer, addressbook, email
  • Kmymoney - personal finance manager
  • Wine - run software for another platform on Linux if needed

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