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The Ultrascale+ MPSoc is a family of SoCs from [Xilinx that contains FPGA logic in parallel to normal SoC components.

Technical Data

  • 4x Cortex-A53
  • 2x Cortex-R5
  • ARM® Mali™-400 MP2 Graphics Processing Unit (EG only)
  • Programmable Logic (FPGA)

Running openSUSE

There are a few readily available ports for Ultrascale+ MPSoC based systems:

Building an openSUSE Contrib

In most cases these SoCs are used by people who build their own boards. For that reason if your board is not listed above and you would still like to run openSUSE on it, this page outlines what you need to do to get started.

Boot Flow

Known Issues

The ZynqMP family is still missing a few pieces upstream and because openSUSE is committed to deliver upstream code, the following features are not available.

  • Clock control
    • slightly higher power usage
  • Transceiver configuration
    • No USB3
    • No Display Port