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GNOME Passwords and Keys

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GNOME Passwords and Keys, formerly Seahorse, allows you to browse, edit and delete items in your GNOME Keyring.


Screenshot from under GPL

Vendor: GNOME
Developer: GNOME
License: GPL
Web: GNOME Passwords and Keys or Seahorse

With GNOME Passwords and Keys you can

  • create, import and export your SSH keys
  • create, import and export your PGP keys
  • connect to SSH servers
  • synchronize your keys and your keyring with key servers
  • safely store passwords and secrets (such as pin codes)
  • and more

Find out how on the official documentation on


Your keyring password is most often identical to your login password, and will ususally be unlocked when you log on.

In other desktop enviroment, such as KDE, you will perhaps be told that your keyring is locked. In such cases, you might want to install GNOME Passwords and Keys to be better able to control your Keyring.


Before GNOME Passwords and Keys (or Seahorse), GNOME used Gnome Keyring Manager.