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Spread it

Be the voice of the openSUSE community!

  • Become an Advocate
    The openSUSE Community is made up of helpful and enthusiastic people, and our advocates are the most friendly, helpful, and enthusiastic of all. As an openSUSE Advocate you will play a part in helping the openSUSE Project reach new users and new contributors.
  • Be part of the Marketing team
    Publicize community events and meetings to maximize turnout and participation, create artwork, banners and other material that can be reused for openSUSE, help organize launch parties or local events, and much more. In other words: be part of the Marketing team and promote openSUSE all around you!
  • Write the Newsletters
    Become an editor of the weekly openSUSE newsletter, or translate it into your own language and share the last information about openSUSE!
  • Discover openSUSE people
    Vote whom do you want to see interviewed soon for the People of openSUSE series.

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