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Welcome to issue # 85 of openSUSE Weekly News

In this Week:


Change in Maintenance for openSUSE 11.2 and Future Versions
"Michael Löffler has announced to the opensuse-announce mailing list: With regards to the discontinuation mail for openSUSE 10.3 sent out by Marcus the other day I’d like to clarify the changes in the maintenance period of openSUSE. ..."
Michael Löffler: Decision made - openFATE feature 306967, KDE default
"Hi all, the topic of a "default desktop" was raised in July as a feature in our openFATE feature tracking system by a community member, and it was a subject of a lively debate within openFATE and on the openSUSE Project mailing list. The default desktop is an issue that many openSUSE users and contributors are passionate about."

In the Community

Joe Brockmeier: OpenSource World
"LinuxWorld Expo was one of the first shows that I went to when I started working in the Linux industry. That was way back in the day when it was crazy talk to think that Linux would go anywhere and we were all (it seemed) 29 years old and full of optimism and enthusiasm. ..."
Juan De Vincenzo: Zypper Cheat Sheet
"As the newcomer I am to OpenSUSE, I found myself frequently consulting the zypper man pages, as well as the Zypper Usage section on the OpenSUSE site, so I thought it would be nice to have a cheat sheet to consult when I had doubts, and since I looked for one and couldn't find it, I created one of my own to have all the data together. And of course, I want to share this with all of you, let me know what you think of it."
You can now get the cheat sheets from Zypper Usage page.

Status Updates


Wiki / Communication / Events


Jan Weber: openSUSE @ FrOSCon 2009
"Next weekend for the 4th time FrOSCon will take place in St. Augustin (near Bonn) and again openSUSE will have a booth at this great event. ..."

Tips and Tricks


Jun Auza: Play Classic DOS Games on Linux
"I know some of you can't get enough of those classic games, so after showing you how to play Super Nintedo (SNES) games on Ubuntu Linux using an emulator, I will be giving instructions on how you will be able to run DOS games on it. To do this, you will also need an emulator and download DOS games from the internet. ..."
This Article is based on Ubuntu, but it can be used also in openSUSE. The dosbox packages for openSUSE are available via 1-Click Install. Day: The Kernel Newbie Corner: Kernel Debugging Using proc "Sequence" Files--Part 1
"Over this column and the next one (and possibly the one after that, depending on how detailed we get), we're going to discuss kernel and module debugging using proc files. Specifically, we're going to discuss the seq_file implementation of proc files, which represents the newest and most powerful variation of the proc files we're interested in."
Free Software Foundation: Working with Ogg Theora and the video tag
"The Free Software Foundation's Holmes Wilson is just back from Berlin, where he participated in the Ogg Theora book sprint put on by FLOSS Manuals. Here is a broad look at Ogg Theora and how it fits into the push for free formats: where we're winning, what works, and what could be improved." Configuring High Availability Linux
"Many Linux distributions ship with the heartbeat suite of software for setting up High Availability Linux. The Linux HA project has details and downloads for those who do not have it available for their system. This text addresses setting up a very simple HA Linux configuration using the configuration files versus a GUI or the XML definition files."
Ian MacGregor: Finding files on the comand line
"One of the things I like about Linux is the command line. I have used nautilus, gnome-commander, konqueror, kommander, dolphin and thunar to manage files in Linux and these file managers are great for what they do. But there are times when one simply wants to find a file when working on the command line without having to open a GUI application."
Linux Magazine/Joe Brockmeier: Make Firefox Social: Four Social Media Add-Ons You'll Love
"Hardcore social media addicts might jump ship for Flock, but if you want the most current Firefox features, it’s better to tack on extensiony goodness to Firefox. Here we’ll look at four of the best extensions I’ve found so far for social media within Firefox."
MakeTechEasier/Joshua Price: How to Enhance Your Browser with Greasemonkey
"How would you like to be able to customize the layout of the Google homepage? How about add better video controls and a download button to YouTube? Or set a profanity filter that works across all websites? Maybe remove all the “What type of leafy vegetable are you?” quizzes from Facebook? These are very few of the things that can be done with Greasemonkey."
Tux Tweaks/Linerd: Batch Watermark Images in Linux
"I previously wrote up a post showing how to watermark images in Linux with ImageMagick. Without too much work you can write a script to do batch processing of your images. This way you can watermark a whole directory of images at once."
MakeTechEasier/Tavis J. Hampton: A Quick and Easy Guide to KDE KIO slaves
"One of the many ways KDE makes our lives easier is by providing graphical interfaces for many of the tasks that computer users want to perform. Web browsers typically accept certain protocols that connect them to resources, such as http, https, and ftp. In KDE, these are called KIO slaves, and nearly all KDE applications can interact with them."
HowtoForge/Adam Gandelman: Installation And Setup Guide For DRBD, OpenAIS, Pacemaker + Xen On OpenSUSE 11.1
"The following will install and configure DRBD, OpenAIS, Pacemaker and Xen on OpenSUSE 11.1 to provide highly-available virtual machines. This setup does not utilize Xen's live migration capabilities. Instead, VMs will be started on the secondary node as soon as failure of the primary is detected. Xen virtual disk images are replicated between nodes using DRBD and all services on the cluster will be managed by OpenAIS and Pacemaker. ..."
Linux Magazine/Jeremy Zawodny: Quick and Dirty MySQL Performance Troubleshooting
"Sooner or later, you’re going to get that phone call (or email, SMS, instant message, tweet, or whatever): The database is slow! Fix ASAP! And you’ll be expected to very quickly figure out what’s slowing things down–often wither very little context, background, or sense of what may have changed recently at the application layer."
Ian MacGregor: How To: Renaming files on the command line
"Suppose you have a directory full of files with filenames such as oldfile, my-new-file, some_document. Suppose you would like to rename these files to File1, File2, file3. Among the choices you have are opening a GUI application, renaming each file manually using a file manager or renaming the files all at one time right from the command line. ..."
Linux Masters/ahmedhamdy_27: Install any Linux distro directly from hard disk without burning any DVD
"After you download any Linux distro from the internet, you have to burn it to a DVD, CD or a number of CDs to install it. That CD or DVD is generally used only once after which it lies unused , and worse, almost every Linux distro comes up with a new release every 6 months. So if you are in the habit of upgrading to every new version, you must have dozens of CDs lying at the bottom of your drawer. What a wastage of CDs! But with a little trick you can install any Linux directly from the hard disk without burning a single CD or DVD. ..."
Javier Llorente: Sending lots of pictures in one message
"Thanks to Gwenview, you can email the pictures of your last trip, which are usually many, without having to spend hours. It’s very easy!"

New/Updated Applications @ openSUSE


Libproxy 0.3.0 released
"Who is not puzzled by all the applications that require proxy configuration. There are simply to many places you have to configure: Gnome desktop, Liferea, Evolution, Kopete, VideoLAN Client[and many many more]. Downloadoptions:"
kpassgen 0.5
"Generates a set of random passwords of any length that can include the letter a-z, A-Z any number and symbols and any other character that QString can handle or hex values. Downloadoptions:"
Petr Mladek: OpenOffice_org 3.1.1 beta3 available for openSUSE
"I’m happy to announce 3.1.1 beta3 packages for openSUSE. They are available in the Build Service OpenOffice:org:UNSTABLE project and include many upstream and Go-oo fixes. Please, look for more details about the openSUSE OOo build on the wiki page."

Planet SUSE

Joe Brockmeier: Should software reviewers be filing bugs?
"Before I joined Novell, I spent years writing software reviews — mostly, but not exclusively, about open source and free software projects. In that time, I ran into hundreds if not thousands of bugs. I might have filed 20 bugs in that time, and that’s being generous. A couple of reasons for that:..."
teshok: Moonlight 2.0 beta 1
"It’s been nearly 20 months since we release Moonlight 1.0, with its Javascript+XAML binding. Since then, we’ve been working tirelessly to get the 2.0 version feature complete and stable. In that time we’ve also seen people external to the moonlight team building on moonlight, in one case creating a widget toolkit, and then using the toolkit to bring porn to the masses with an embedded WMV video playback plugin."
Brent McConnell: What Really Matters?
"I just read a few interesting posts by Tim Bray and Alex Payne about what to read and how to stay up to date (see below). Much of what they say I agree with. The simple problem is that there is just too much stuff out there that is interesting or important on some level. Combine that with an ever expanding workload, a short attention span, and a fading memory and you have a combination that just can't work long term. What's interesting is that I've asked several knowledge workers of one sort or another what their biggest problems are and most respond with something like ..."
Novell Open PR/Kerry Adorno: Melding corporate and community: How companies can work with open source communities
"Novell’s Joe “Zonker” Brockmeier sat down with Paul Krill, editor-at-large at InfoWorld and Ross Turk, community manager for Source Forge at OSCON in July to discuss the show, what’s happening with open source communities and companies these days and how to build an effective community. They even touch on what open source projects and journalism have in common."

openSUSE Forums

KDE4 Is Coming of Age
"Read how users are feeling now about KDE4! It's quite a turnaround from 4's initial release! Many positive comments. Have a read here, it may give you some ideas. For sure it's leading the way in Desktop design and Features."
Kernel Upgrade?
"We have had quite a few questions recently about Kernel upgrades. Not something I even need, but for some it's become a necessary evil. Well, maybe 'evil' is a bit harsh, but it's not to be undertaken lightly."
Request for Linux Drivers Flooding In.
"At least the title of this is encouraging. Or maybe this will be a turning point in the provision of drivers for Linux. I guess we can either be Optimists or Pessimists. Mind you, any progress in this can only be good news."
High return rate of Linux Netbooks a Myth according to Dell
"It's interesting reading this article and equally so that many of us are experimenting with Linux in so many areas. I don't expect well see an equal footing on the marketing ladder for Linux any time soon. But, for sure, Linux is much better known today. Progress might be slow, but then so was the 'Tortoise'."

On the Web


Lydia Pintscher: amarok_forum->improve()
"When the KDE forum team started they came to me asking what to do about the Amarok forum. It was fairly active and working ok. So we decided to keep it and just link to it from so people looking there would find it. Lately the forum software was causing more and more problems though and we are low on moderators as well. Luckily since they started the KDE forum team has done an amazing job, making the KDE forum so much better than the Amarok one. ..."
Lydia Pintscher: Social Media Guide for free Software Projects
"Lately more and more people come to me with questions like “What does $randomsocialmediaterm mean?” or “How does $socialmediasite work?” or “How do I do this on $socialmediasite?“. It seems people start to understand that social media can be a huge thing for free software projects but don’t really know where to start or where to look for help.
So I sat down for a few hours and wrote the Social Media Guide For Free Software Projects. Download it and find out how social media can help your project stay in touch with your users and make it rock even more. Learn about digg, Twitter,, and more. The guide includes basic intros to different sites as well as advanced tips for how to deal with social media in general."
FeriCyde Chat: Linux on Netbooks
"Now, there's been a lot of misinformation about Linux on desktops/laptops and netbooks. It's too hard to use, it's not familiar -- it's not Windows -- people return them at a higher rate than Windows. ..."
Muhammad Fahd Waseem: The Excellent SUSE Studio (and tips)
"Enter SUSE Studio. I’m a SUSE apologist, and nothing could be more exciting then a simple, easy way to build a personalized (or in my case, universitized) Linux distro - one that can keep the people on board the Linux ship longer, until they find out how good it can be."
ITManagement/Bruce Byfield: and the 'Ribbons' Interface Brouhaha
"Two weeks ago, Project Renaissance, the team tasked with overhauling the interface of the popular free office application, unveiled its first prototype. The prototype resembled the Ribbon interface first introduced in Microsoft Office 2007, and the denunciations came so fast that few bothered to check the facts, or to give the idea any serious consideration.
542 people responded to the unveiling, many of them hostile to the very idea of Ribbons in (OOo). "Why is OOo aping Office 2007's 'Ribbon' design?" The first commenter asked, and the second, "This would be a killer feature for not using"
Linuxfoundation: Who writes the Linux Kernel?
This PDF gives an little insight behind the wall. We can see which people or Companys are involved.
E-Commerce Times/Katherine Noyes: On Bugs, Viruses, Malware and Linux
"Is security a sword of Damocles hanging over Linux, just waiting for its popularity to reach critical mass? That's one persistent argument in the Linux vs. Windows debates, but it's just wrong, according to those who know Linux well. For reasons both technological and behavioral, they say, Linux really is more secure. "If the anti-malware industry has anything to offer GNU/Linux," challenges blogger Robert Pogson, "let them step up.""
Christian Laux: Social Media Revolution
"Interesting Video about Social Media."
Novell/John Dragoon: Growing the pie
"Every year about this time I await the very comprehensive market analysis and forecast IDC does on the worldwide Linux operating environment. While 2009 has been a tough year for technology vendors in general, those of us in the Linux space continue to believe strongly in the value proposition and potential of this still relatively young operating system. The question is are we blinded by our passion or do the facts speak for a Linux future as bright as its past and present?"
ITworld/Shane O'Neill: Penguins, Lizards and Apple's X Factor: How Famous OS Logos Got Started
"Ronald McDonald and the NBC Peacock may get more TV air time, but today's operating systems have cool logos, too. Google, Apple, Microsoft and the Linux crowd crafted mascots ranging from cute lizards to circles of life. Here we look at the origins of the logos and look ahead to their future." Michael Kerner: Torvalds bashes vendor-sec private Linux security list
"From the 'rare praise' files: Last week, Linux was tagged with a local NULL pointer flaw that could have led to a privilege escalation issue. Linux founder Linus Torvalds pushed a patch upstream quickly and now that patch is in the Linux 2.6.31 -rc6 milestone.
Torvalds notes in the 2.6.31 rc6 releases notes that the issue wasn't as bad as it could have been, and that he would have likely delayed the fix were it not for the fact that a private list (vendor-sec), apparently wasn't private after all." Leemhuis: Kernel Log – Coming in 2.6.31 - Part 3: Storage and file systems
"The experimental file system Btrfs, billed as the "next generation file system for Linux", should now be even faster. Libata drivers for IDE/PATA adaptors are pushing aside the IDE subsystem. The first components for defragmenting Ext4 file systems have been merged into the main development tree. Systems with Intel ATA chipsets now boot faster thanks to parallel hardware scanning."
DistroWatch/Caitlyn Martin: The status of Intel video drivers for Linux (and what it means for your favorite distro)
"Anyone who reads the Linux technical press, Linux blogs, or the comments section of DistroWatch Weekly knows that there has been a lot of discussion, dissatisfaction, and even anger over the state of Intel video drivers for Linux. In a nutshell and without going into the nuts and bolts, Intel made significant changes to the drivers for their chipsets, introducing new technologies that were designed to radically improve performance. Keith Packard wrote a detailed technical description of the changes to the Intel drivers and what they mean which can be found here. (Tip of the hat to Adam Williamson of Red Hat who originally provided the link.) ..." Proffitt: New Features Encourage Contribution
"When first launched, we knew that as feature-packed as the site was, there were some additional features we wanted to add to the site when the time came to make even better. That time has come."
Computerworld/Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols: Fixing Linux
"Everything has security problems, even Linux. An old and obscure problem with the gcc compiler was recently discovered to have left a security hole in essentially every version of Linux that anyone is likely to be running. Here's what you need to know about fixing it."
IT News Today/Jeremy LaCroix: Five Improvements For KDE 4.4
"KDE 4.3 is a great desktop, but there are improvements I think should be made to make it perfect. I have high hopes for KDE 4.4 and I’m hoping some of these ideas will be considered for the next release, which will probably be due in January. I’ll definitely make sure to submit them to the KDE team for consideration, as you should too if you have any suggestions. With all that out of the way, let’s get started."

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