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Welcome to issue #55 of openSUSE Weekly News!

In this week:

  • openSUSE Project Opens Feature Tracking with openFATE
  • openSUSE forums has reached 20K members
  • Wanted-Build Service Contributors
  • Joe Brockmeier: What happens with KDE with Qt license shift?
  • Katarina Machalkova: A fairytale about brave wizard QSplitter and evil ancient screen resolution from the last century


openSUSE Project Opens Feature Tracking with openFATE

  • "The openSUSE Project is pleased to announce that feature tracking and requests are now available to the larger openSUSE Community. The openSUSE feature tracking system, openFATE, is now live and accessible to anyone with an openSUSE account."

Carlos Conclaves: Unofficial KDE 3.5 Live CD for openSUSE 11.1

  • "Want classic KDE on openSUSE, without the full DVD download? Carlos Goncalves has you covered. openSUSE 11.1 Live CDs and USB images featuring KDE 3.5 are now available for download."

Stephan Binner: KDE:KDE4:* Repository Changes, Step 2

  • "The KDE:KDE4:Factory:Desktop repositories now contain KDE 4.2 development snapshot (4.1.87) packages. This is also the repository that will contain KDE 4.2 RC1, KDE 4.2 and first bugfixes releases of KDE 4.2 in near future."

Adrian Schröter: Wanted-Build Service Contributors

  • "Have you ever wanted to join Build Service development, but you had no idea what to implement? Would you like a real opportunity to learn Ruby on Rails? This is a great time to start!"

In the Community

Rupert Horstkötter: openSUSE forums has reached 20K members

  • "The openSUSE forums has reached another key milestone. After hitting the 10K members in September 2008, we now did it again - Member 20.000 registered yesterday at 20:37 UTC."

Joe Brockmeier: Québec openSUSE Launch Party Photos

  • "Michael Lessard was kind enough to send me a link to photos from the openSUSE 11.1 Launch Party in Quebec City from December. Looks like a good time was had by all! If you had a launch party, and have some photos, please drop me a line — would love to link to them."

Status Updates



Build Service

Tips and Tricks Speed Up Multiple SSH Connections to the Same Server

  • "If you run a lot of terminal tabs or scripts that all need to make OpenSSH connections to the same server, you can speed them all up with multiplexing: making the first one act as the master and letting the others share its TCP connection to the server."

medwinz: Workaround for DVD Access

  • "openSUSE 11.1 just come out in December 18 2008. It brings the new experience for the communities who always fascinated by this distribution. One thing I feel really annoying is non-root user cannot access the DVD to make copy, burn an iso or anything using the tools like k3b. After searching the bugzilla and discussion in the openSUSE mailing list, at least we found the workaround for this problem."

New/Updated Applications @ openSUSE

Planet SUSE

Covering just a few posts from Planet SUSE, an aggregation of all SUSE contributors' blogs:

Katarina Machalkova: A fairytale about brave wizard QSplitter and evil ancient screen resolution
from the last century

  • "Once upon a time, in the country of Novell-land, there was a happy community of openSUSE users who once in about six months installed a shiny new openSUSE operating system onto their magic boxes. To do that, they used a powerful tool called YaST, brought to them by group of hardworking goblins called YaSTees whose work has been closely watched by Good Project Manager Stano and team leads Duncan and Jiri. "

Thomas Biege: SANS Top 25 Programming Errors

  • "The SANS institute has updated their list of the top 25 programming errors."

Novell OpenPR: Guest Blog - Will the real record-breaking real time operating system please stand up?

  • "In the past couple of months, the Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC), an independent provider of performance measurement services for the financial services industry, released no less than four separate reports involving Linux real time operating systems from Novell and Red Hat. These reports are important because they provide financial institutions with a benchmark for latency and throughput–measurements that impact the speed and amount of information trading firms can use in executing transactions."

Joe Brockmeier: What happens with KDE with Qt license shift?

  • "License discussions are usually about as interesting as watching paint dry, but the news that Nokia is going to use GNU’s Lesser General Public License (LGPL) for the upcoming release of Qt may be a big deal for KDE. ..."

openSUSE Forums

Hot topics and assorted threads from the forums.

henkees: Howto modify grub splash

  • "Forum member henkees explains how to modify the splash image accurately utilizing convert and how to insert the modified splash image into /boot/message"

darkmac: How to get Compiz-fusion to work stable!

  • "Do you encounter problems with compiz-manager and KDE4? Forum member darkmac explains how to properly configure KDE4 to use Compiz instead of the default window manager."

lwfinger: b43 driver high CPU usage

  • "Do you encounter high CPU usage using the b43 driver for Broadcom wireless chipsets? Forum member lwfinger outlines that upgrading your kernel or switching to openSUSE 11.1 solves the problem due to some structural changes between kernel 2.6.25 and 2.6.27."

Past Events/Meetings

January 13, 2009: openSUSE-Education Team Meeting

January 14, 2009: openSUSE Project Meeting

January 15, 2009: openSUSE GNOME Meeting

January 17, 2009: openSUSE Weekly News Meeting

Upcoming Events/Meetings

January 21, 2009: KDE Team Meeting

Security Updates

To view the security announcements in full, or to receive them as soon as they're released, refer to the openSUSE Security Announce mailing list.

SUSE Security Announcement: Sun Java (SUSE-SA:2009:001)

  • Package: Sun Java
  • Announcement ID: SUSE-SA:2009:001
  • Date: Fri, 09 Jan 2009 15:00:00 +0000

SUSE Security Summary Report: SUSE-SR:2009:001

  • Announcement ID: SUSE-SR:2009:001
  • Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2009 13:00:00 +0000

SUSE Security Announcement: Mozilla (SUSE-SA:2009:002)

  • Package: MozillaFirefox,MozillaThunderbird,mozilla
  • Announcement ID: SUSE-SA:2009:002
  • Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2009 09:00:00 +0000

On the Web

Susegeek: get_iplayer - Download BBC iplayer, BBC Radio & ITV programmes

  • "get_iplayer is yet another cool command line tool to download or stream any iPlayer programme from the BBC in H.264 (Quicktime/mp4) format, any BBC radio programmes in MP3 or RealAudio format (optionally converted to wav or mp3) and all BBC podcasts in MP3/AAC format. The H.264 feeds from the BBC are higher quality than in the Flash iPlayer (normal quality) or the Wii. It even downloads the BBC subtitles where available and has support for downloading ITV TV programmes."

Review: OpenSUSE 11.1

  • "OpenSUSE (in various forms) has been around for quite some time and has been quite popular with developers and business users. It currently holds Distrowatch's number 2 spot on the page hit ranking and has a thriving community of users."


Numbers in brackets show the changes compared to the previous week.

Communication has 36483 (-20) non-unique subscribers to all mailing lists. The openSUSE Forums have 20142 (+541) registered users - most users including guests ever online was 7771, 02-Dec-2008 at 17:31.


2172 (+44) of 4042 (+222) registered contributors in the User Directory have signed the Guiding Principles. The board has acknowledged 260 members.

Build Service

The Build Service now hosts 5014 (+63) projects, 60148 (+2425) packages, 9775 (+202) repositories by 11640 (+145) confirmed users.


The numbers for all openSUSE project products are this week:

  • All Open Reports: 4835 (-2)
  • Blocker: 5 (+1)
  • Critical: 268 (+4)
  • Major: 804 (-3)
  • Normal: 2562 (-3)
  • Minor: 498 (+7)
  • Enhancements: 698 (-8)

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