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Welcome to issue #26 of openSUSE Weekly News!

In this week:

  • openSUSE Launches Merged Forums
  • Announcing the openSUSE Marketing Team
  • People of openSUSE: Cornelius Schumacher
  • Sneak Peeks at openSUSE 11.0
  • Tips and Tricks: Jigish Gohil: Useful openSUSE One-Click installs from command line


Recordings of Linuxtag '08

  • "We have uploaded recordings from talks that took place at the openSUSE day at Linuxtag. You can find the links and descriptions here."

openSUSE Launches Merged Forums

  • "We proudly announce the launch of, a merger of the openSUSE Novell support forums,, and - the three largest English-language dedicated support forums for openSUSE. The merged forums at will provide a single forum for the openSUSE community to find support and discuss openSUSE."

openSUSE Build Service 1.0 RC 1 released

  • "The openSUSE Project has released the first release candidate of the openSUSE Build Service 1.0. With the release candidate, all the features are now in place to support external collaboration with the community to build openSUSE in the open. Developers can now submit contributions to openSUSE directly at"

Banshee 1.0 Released!

  • "The Banshee team has released version 1.0! This release will be found in openSUSE 11.0, and includes tons of new features and improvements over the previous Banshee releases. This is a ground-up rewrite that improves speed, a redesigned interface, better integration with, and video management! "

OpenOffice_org 2.4.1rc2 available (call for testing)

  • "I’m happy to announce that 2.4.1rc2 is available in the Build Service project. "

Announcing the openSUSE Marketing Team

  • "Do you have a passion for Linux and a desire to promote openSUSE? Would you like to paint the world’s desktops openSUSE green? If so, the openSUSE marketing team wants you!"

In the Community

People of openSUSE: Cornelius Schumacher

  • "Before openSUSE 11.0 GM get released next Thursday, we have the chance to meet Cornelius Schumacher - member of the incubation team, former Build Service developer, KDE vice president, and also the one who started writing down the openSUSE Guiding Principles."

Novell Open Audio: Merging the openSUSE Forums

  • "This edition of open audio is hosted by Joe ‘Zonker’ Brockmeier, openSUSE Community Manager. Zonker talks to some of the team that brought together the merged openSUSE Forums, Wolfgang Koller, Keith Kastorff, Kim Groneman, and Rupert Horstkötter."

Sneak Peeks at openSUSE 11.0

  • Compiz, with Dennis Kasprzyk: There have been several changes with the Compiz setup in openSUSE 11.0, including both exciting and new features in Compiz Fusion, and extra developments behind-the-scenes which make running and managing Compiz easier. Today we will be taking a look at these, and we’ll be catching up with Dennis ‘onestone’ Kasprzyk, a Compiz Fusion core developer and openSUSE user, to find out more.

Status Updates


Build Service

  • Discontinued Distributions: After the discussion from last month around the discontinued distribution handling, here's a proposal how to handle them in future.

Wiki / Communication / Events


Tips and Tricks

Jakub Steiner: Networked openSUSE Install Success Story

  • "I have been struggling on how to install the latest and greatest openSUSE on my x61 thinkpad. The liveCD installation is probably the best way to get a system up an running for a desktop user. With a system that lacks an optical drive, things need a little bit of tinkering. It ended up being a whole lot of tinkering for me as I have tried and failed installing 11.0 using the USB stick method that worked for me with 10.3. Essentially it boiled down to problems with BIOS drive mappings confusing grub and kiwi nuking my root partition with a swap during first boot."

Jigish Gohil: Useful openSUSE One-Click installs from command line

  • "Another neat feature in openSUSE 11.0 is that we now have a way of installing One-Click patterns via a command line (click-commandline?). "

Planet SUSE

Covering just a few posts from Planet SUSE, an aggregation of all SUSE contributors' blogs:

Michal Zugec: http-server, dns-server integration

  • "Actually this is not new feature, but because I re-tested that functionality today, I found it's good time to describe it in a few words. Integration in this case means that you can configure DNS server records while adding new virtual hosts for apache HTTP server (with YaST, both on the same machine)"

Martin Vidner: cnetworkmanager 0.4

  • "I pulled together 0.4 yesterday ..."

Marcus Moeller: Xfce Project Status Report 06/2008

  • "As some of you might already have noticed, we are working on a better integration of Xfce in openSUSE. The aim of the Xfce Project is to establish Xfce as well-accepted desktop environment besides GNOME and KDE. We have already started building Xfce LiveCDs with KIWI but still fail in getting yast-live to work."

Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier : Why does the retail box matter? (openSUSE 11.0 ready for pre-order)

  • "Looks like Kevin Dupuy beat me to the punch in writing about the retail box being ready for pre-order. Retail box? What’s up with that, right? We’re all about the free downloads over here, right? Yes, but… there’s a method to the madness of offering a retail box as well."

Past Meetings

KDE team meeting

  • "The KDE team met on Wednesday, 11 June 2008. See the meetings page fpr details."

GNOME team meeting

  • "The GNOME team met on Thursday, 12 June 2008. Watch the meetings page for details."

Upcoming Events/Meetings

June 18, 2008: openSUSE Project Meeting

  • "There will be an openSUSE Project Meeting on June 18, 2008 in the #openSUSE-project Freenode IRC channel"

June 19, 2008: openSUSE 11.0 Public Release

  • "openSUSE 11.0 Public Release. See the roadmap"

June 19, 2008: openSUSE GNOME Team Meeting

  • "Don't miss the next GNOME Team Meeting on June 19!"

Security Updates

To view the security announcements in full, or to receive them as soon as they're released, refer to the openSUSE Security Announce mailing list.

SUSE Security Summary Report

  • Solved Security Vulnerabilities:
    • xine NSF buffer overflow
    • xemacs and emacs fast-lock file problems
    • opensuse-updater tmp problems and off-by-one problems
    • libvorbis security problems
    • xine sdpplin_parse overflow
    • vorbis-tools speex code execution problem
    • pdns-recursor spoofing problems
    • openwsman post-auth remote code execution

SUSE Security Announcement: Samba

  • The file server Samba has been updated to fix the following security problem: Secunia research discovered vulnerability in Samba, which can be exploited by malicious people to compromise a vulnerable system.

In the Press

Customers run top supercomputers on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

  • "World's three most powerful supercomputers run SUSE Linux Enterprise from Novell ..."


Numbers in brackets show the changes compared to the previous week.


The openSUSE Forums have 989 registered users.


945 (+44) of 1772 (+74) registered contributors in the User Directory have signed the Guiding Principles. The board has acknowledged 146 (+25) members.

Build Service

The Build Service now hosts 2933 (+165) projects, 42565 (+2991) packages, 6377 (+318) repositories by 6486 (+224) confirmed users.


The numbers for all openSUSE project products are this week:

  • All Open Reports: 3883 (+91)
  • Blocker: 19
  • Critical: 136 (+15)
  • Major: 568 (+6)
  • Normal: 2248 (+41)
  • Minor: 325 (-5)
  • Enhancements: 587 (+34)

Detailed Bugzilla ReportSubmitting Bug ReportsBug Reporting FAQ


The top 10 translation teams with the most translated strings of trunk:

  • Finnish (fi): 33086 / 100%
  • Ukraine (uk): 33086 / 100%
  • Hungarian (hu): 33086 / 100%
  • Portuguese Brazilian (pt_BR): 33086 / 100%
  • Danish (da): 33086 / 100%
  • Japanese (ja): 33086 / 100%
  • Spanish (es): 33086 / 100%
  • Italian (it): 33086 / 100%
  • Cambodian (km): 33086 / 100%
  • German (de): 33086 / 100%

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Feedback / Communicate / Get Involved


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