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Welcome to issue #21 of openSUSE Weekly News!

In this week:

  • openSUSE 11.0 Beta 2
  • People of openSUSE: Greg Kroah-Hartman
  • Jigish Gohil: Sliced sphere in compiz-fusion-git packages
  • Coming along strong: first look at openSUSE 11 beta 2


openSUSE 11.0 Beta 2

  • "The openSUSE team is proud to announce the second Beta release of openSUSE 11.0! New changes include countless bug fixes, as well as the import of the new openSUSE 11.0 artwork for login, splash screens and more. Read more ..."

openSUSE Hard Disk Configuration Survey

  • "In order to optimize the YaST partitioner module for openSUSE users the user experience team decided to conduct a small survey to figure out how you deal with hard disk configuration."

In the Community

People of openSUSE: Greg Kroah-Hartman

  • "This weekend ‘People of openSUSE’ brings to light an interview of long time Kernel hacker and Novell employee Greg Kroah-Hartman. Greg KH today’s working full time on Linux Driver Project is the current maintainer of the Kernel package for openSUSE 11.0."

Blogging Platform for openSUSE Launched

  • "Today we are officially launching a new website:! This site offers blog hosting for openSUSE members. The blogs should be focused on the openSUSE project, e.g. on the distribution, packages, build service, events, etc. Please contact the site administrators if you want to have your blog created. "

Status Updates


  • Beta2: bootloader talks to you (please test!)
    • As of beta2, the graphical bootloader (the one on the install media) supports speech output via pc-speaker. That is, it reads all menu items to you. Read more...

Build Service

Tips and Tricks

YaST from the Command Line

  • "The Automatic Configuration in openSUSE 11.0 installation is good because you don't have to click Next so much, but now I am missing the button for opening SSH in the firewall. Read more..."

Tracking openSUSE Stories on Digg

  • " can receive an awful lot of submissions, so subscribing to the feed of all its stories (or even just stories from one particular section) can be pretty undesirable. Fortunately you can subscribe to feeds from digg based on keywords; the openSUSE one being:"

Download via http and seed via bittorrent <--- HOT! for downloading beta3 ...

  • "So, you don’t think bittorrent download is fast enough for the openSUSE 11.0 betas? This is a very common complaint. On the other hand you wish to help take some of the load off the mirrors, and you like the protection that bittorrent offers from corrupted downloads?"

Planet SUSE

Covering just a few posts from Planet SUSE, an aggregation of all SUSE contributors' blogs:

Jigish Gohil: Sliced sphere in compiz-fusion-git packages

  • "Here is one more of “cube” mode to make users of other OS jealous ;)"

Martin Vidner: cnetworkmanager 0.1

  • "Console-based NetworkManager client."

Jeff Jaffe: Next steps in Identity

  • "I have spent the last several entries outlining our exciting Fossa project – and I have not kept up with my practice of outlining the strategy behind our recent announcements. At BrainShare we had several significant announcements which I’d like to explain further."

Miguel de Icaza: Cross-platform, standalone Silverilght Applications

  • "Tamir Khason published an interesting approach at hosting standalone Silverlight applications. His solution is a Windows.Forms application that hosts a Windows.Forms.WebControl and inside the WebControl he hosts Silverlight."

Stephan Binner: KDE:Qt44++

  • "From the cross-blogging department, Qt 4.4 has been released and is entering Factory for openSUSE 11.0 with packages for older openSUSE releases being available in KDE:Qt44 (this will move sooner or later to KDE:Qt). Dirk Müller thinks that's boring news as "everyone has packages of it" and I should rather mention that he has created packages from Qt 4.5 development snapshot within the KDE:Qt45 Build Service repository."

Ján Kupec: bash completion for zypper

  • "Version 0.10.3 of zypper will include a bash completion script written by Marek Stopka during Hack Week 2. The script uses zypper help [command] output to retrieve the list of commands and command options in order to feed it to the command line. Given the growing number of zypper's commands and options i believe this will be a pleasant help for many users."
  • some more posts:

Past Meetings

Project Meeting 2008-05-07

Upcoming Events/Meetings

May 8, 2008 : Gnome team meeting

May 8, 2008 to May 11, 2008 : Libre Graphics Meeting

  • "Interested in Scribus, Krita, Inkscape, Gimp or Blender ?? Then the Libre Graphics Meeting is for you!"

May 15, 2008 : Upcoming... openSUSE 11.0beta3

May 14, 2008 : KDE meeting

May 15, 2008 : otevřenéSUSE in Prague on May 15

  • "otevřenéSUSE is coming on May 15 in Prague. otevřenéSUSE (which is "openSUSE in Czech) is an event for local people interested in visiting the SUSE office in Prague, meeting with developers, and learning how to join the openSUSE community. Learn more on the otevřenéSUSE site (in Czech only)..."

May 20, 2008 to May 23, 2008 : Orbit IEX

  • "Thanks to the Switzerland Novell colleagues openSUSE is again on the biggest computer event in Switzerland."

May 28, 2008 to May 31, 2008 : LinuxTag 2008

  • "LinuxTag, Europe's leading exhibition on Linux and Open Source takes place from May 28 - 31, 2008 at Berlin's Messezentrum unter dem Funkturm."

Security Updates

To view the security announcements in full, or to receive them as soon as they're released, refer to the openSUSE Security Announce mailing list.

No new security announcements were published.

In the Press Coming along strong: first look at openSUSE 11 beta 2

  • "There are a lot of things to like in openSUSE 11 and it will make a good choice for many users—it is already shaping up to provide better PulseAudio integration and stronger desktop search capabilities than Ubuntu, for instance. OpenSUSE also has excellent support for KDE 4, which is why we have used it as our reference platform for KDE testing and reviews."

blogbeebe, openSUSE 11 beta 2

  • "I really like the KDE 4 desktop and where it's going. And I really like openSUSE 11. I may wind up installing it on rhea over Mandriva just to see if some of the issues I found with openSUSE 10.3 have been addressed. I like the fact that the latest kernel is shipping (2.6.25), and I also like that the latest gcc (4.3.1) is being used and looks to be shipping with openSUSE 11. I grow increasingly optimistic with each release." First look at openSUSE 11 beta 2

  • "Here are a few screenshots from the installation."


Numbers in brackets show the changes compared to the previous week.


795 (+23) of 1516 (+45) registered contributors in the User Directory have signed the Guiding Principles. The board has acknowledged 78 (+2) members.

Build Service

The Build Service now hosts 2478 (+45) projects, 38165 (+179) packages, 5481 (+63) repositories by 5774 (+132) confirmed users.


The numbers for all openSUSE project products are this week:

  • All Open Reports: 3733 (+31)
  • Blocker: 26 (-8)
  • Critical: 160 (-7)
  • Major: 563 (+35)
  • Normal: 2176 (+10)
  • Minor: 289 (+9)
  • Enhancements: 519 (-8)

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The top 10 translation teams with the most translated strings of trunk:

  • Spanish (es): 32513/ 100%
  • Finnish (fi): 32513 / 100% (3 ranks up)
  • Cambodian (km): 32513 / 100% (5 ranks up)
  • Japanese (ja): 32511 / 99% (1 rank down)
  • Ukraine (uk): 32511 / 99% (2 ranks down)
  • Danish (da): 32501 / 99% (2 ranks down)
  • Hungarian (hu): 32447 / 99% (2 ranks down)
  • Portuguese Brazilian (pt_BR): 32114 / 98% (1 rank down)
  • German (de): 32060 / 98%
  • Italian (it): 31723 / 97%

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