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openSUSE Summit edit


Note that this page refers to an event that has already taken place - please see the openSUSE Summit page for the latest information

Following SUSEcon the second openSUSE Summit will take place in the Disney's Coronado Springs Resort, Orlando Florida, November 15-17, 2013.

Why YOU should be there!

As one of the largest Linux distributions, openSUSE has close relationships with projects like GNOME and KDE, the Linux Kernel developers, SAMBA, ownCloud, Apache and many others. It is our job to bring their technologies to users around the globe. So at the Summit you'll find talks about the cutting edge developments in these projects as well as packaging and distribution infrastructure, ARM and mobile devices, rolling releases and much more.

openSUSE lives up to its name. We're a very open community! We warmly welcome contributors not only from projects that offer software that is part of the openSUSE distribution, but also contributors to other distributions like Fedora and Ubuntu. We expect our Summit to be a place where we can all contribute and collaborate on the latest Linux distribution technologies. There will be contributors not just from North America but also Central- and South America. And we don't have committees and steering boards making decisions and letting you contribute - YOU set the direction in openSUSE. This is how you do it!

The Summit is about people. Interesting people from all around the globe, getting together to talk, discuss technology, decide on the future of Free Software - and have a lot of fun. We'll ensure a good balance between work and play with parties and there is even talk of a Cookout Faceoff!

In the news edit

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Organization edit

There are plenty of things to get done between now and the event. Feel free to jump right in and help out. Out to-do list is constantly being updated.

Code of Conduct edit

It is important for the openSUSE Summit Team to create an environment where everyone feels accepted and welcome. We expect all our visitors to behave according to our Code of Conduct and will take decisive action against any inappropriate behavior.

Sponsors edit

The openSUSE Summit 2013 would not be possible without our sponsors.


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Media Partner

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If your organization is interested in being recognized as a supporter of openSUSE and Free Software, please contact us for detailed information about the sponsoring opportunities.

Media and Press information edit

Please find press information, artwork, media and logo's here.


contact Jos Poortvliet, +49 (0) 173 587 6834 or jos at for any questions on press related matters

Meetings edit

There are regular meetings of those helping to pull the Summit together on #openSUSE-Project IRC channel. Please check the Calendar for time and dates. Meetings generally take place on Thursday.