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Intro is the first Linux and open source Developers team in Mauritius. A hackathon with the theme - SAD "Search and Destroy" will be organized for 2 consecutive days. Members of will have to fixed up the maximum possible bugs on several opensource software including OpenSUSE distribution.

It takes place on Thurday 28th and Friday 29th of April 2016 hosted by ISVTEC at its own office.


Name Nickname From: Notes
Loganaden Velvindron Logan Mauritius I made the internet better
Jaykishan Mutkawoa TheTunnelix Mauritius cat /tunnel/linux > tunnelix
Codarren Velvindron Devildron Mauritius Breaking monoculture for better security

About the Hackathon

A brief idea:

  • goal is to squash bugs, polish up some features, close the seams to make it all look and work well.
  • Operation S.A.D nick named, search and destroy, is the first Linux hackathon we will be holding in Mauritius to massively fix some security issues in some Opensource software right now, we'll be dealing with some crypto code which many enterprise, users and embedded appliances are relying upon daily.
  • Check out the cyberstorm mauritius website [1]
  • we are also actually offering some prizes to 3 people who can actually solve a set of challenge we are making. The top 3 highschool students who manages to do them based on our criteria set, will get a small walk-through with us first, and will get each a seat for the hackathon. We are targeting youngsters here, but the learning process, that skillset or instinct needed to make someone a hacker needs to be built with passion and the perfect age is when one is young enough.
  • There will be snacks, food and fun in between the hacking.
  • Members of the IT community in Mauritius or elsewhere is invited to join in on Saturday the 30th of April. We shall update you with the correct information as we go along.
  • All of our thanks goes to ISVTEC who is going to host our hackathon. We can truly recommend ISVTEC for all your managed services needs (please visit their website for details about the long list of services provided). Many thanks to silent sponsors of also who wishes to remain silent.

Operation SAD completed


  • The hackathon "operation SAD" which was scheduled on 28th and 29th is now completed. On Saturday, the 30th we had an openday and a debrief was carried out. Around 35 people including professional, students and entrepreneurs attended the event.
  • It can be noticed that on the OpenSUSE distribution, patches were submitted to Monit, Monitoring-plugins which is a tool use togather with Nagios, Squid Proxy and Imapfilter.
  • All patches were applied according to the RFC 7568 where it is noted that SSLV3 is no longer secure.
  • Bugs report togather with the patch were submitted as follows :
# (Monit)
# (Squid)
# (Nagios)
# (ImapFilter)
  • A request has been sent for maintaining Monit

Other links related to the event

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