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openSUSE talk:Build Service private instance boot strapping

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Thanks for your tutorial, we found it very useful.

I installed a private OBS server on a VirtualBox using obs-server.i686-2.0.6-Build1.18.raw.bz2

I'm doing now the Bootstrapping setup (the packages are being copied from, and I discovered that my private OBS server has no /obs/build directory, so apparently something went wrong.

Which osc command or webui action is supposed to create this directory?

Our sysadmin is also trying to install a private OBS on an actual server, so we'd use some support :-).

Regards --User:Erwanmahe 15:58, 12 October 2010 (MDT)


sorry for being late to respond but the system does not trigger me a mail when a chat is open :-( The directory /obs/build will only be created once that you will have created a package in a project and defined a build target for that project. On a brand new empty OBS, the directory does not exist. Regards



Thanks for your help, it works now.

Regards, Erwanmahe api not open

aparantly the api is not public gives me a login prompt