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openSUSE Video Team


This is the openSUSE:Video team - which is supporting openSUSE, SUSE and other FOSS events with video recording and streaming services.

We "founded" ourselves by "just doing the work" at oSC16 in Nuremberg and helped out at the following events as well:


How to reach us? At the moment, just ping one of us in IRC please.

  • Mailing List - we don't have one yet ... to be defined

If you have an event request, you also might ask our friends from C3VOC instead of us first.


Image Name Freenode nick Blog Email

(add behind the @)

none. Thorsten B. thomic none. TBro@
none. Martin Caj mcaj unknown mcaj@
none. Daniel Molkentin danimo unknown unknown
caption Marco Strigl mstrigl none mstrigl@
none. Fatma Ghariani fghariani unknown fghariani@
none. Pavel Dostal pdostal unknown pdostal@

How to join

  • When is someone eligible to join?
 * You bring fun and join and don't have fear of hard work.
 * You should maybe bring some experience with video hardware and sound hardware (like general event equipment).
   Further skills like lights, sound and camera engineers very welcome.
 * If you're not sure but you're willing to learn, ping us.
  • What has one to do to join?
 * Be able to help with camera, mixing or back-office tasks at an event.
 * Be willing to spend your event behind a camera or in a back-office - which means you might not have a lot of spare time
   and in some talks you needs to focus more on the recording than on the content. But you can watch it later at home ;).
  • Is openSUSE Membership required for the task?
 * No, but you might gain it by helping us ;).


If you landed here, these further ressources might interest you as well: