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openSUSE Video Team


This is the openSUSE:Video team - which is supporting openSUSE, SUSE and other FOSS events with video recording and streaming services.

We "founded" ourselves by "just doing the work" at oSC16 in Nuremberg and helped out at the following events as well:



Here the team should include info's about their

  • Mailing List
  • IRC channel
  • Forum
  • Meetings
  • and any special thing to be taken care of while contacting


Image Name Freenode nick Blog Email

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caption Theo Chatzimichos tampakrap tampakrap@
none. Thorsten B. thomic none. TBro@
none. Martin Caj mcaj unknown mcaj@
none. Daniel Molkentin danimo unknown unknown
caption Marco Strigl mstrigl none mstrigl@

How to join


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  • What has one to do to join?
  • Is openSUSE Membership required for the task?

Additions (optional)


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