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openSUSE:UTOS 2012

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The openSUSE Project will be at Flourish! Confernece to provide a booth and give talks.

  • When - May 3 to May 5, 2012
  • Where - Orem, UT USA
  • Website - UTOS Site!

Proposed Presentations edit

  • openSUSE: It's not just a Distro! (Bryen)

Each presentation will have co-presenters.

Venue Information edit

  • Booth reservations - Andy Silva
  • Booth Sponsorship = $TBD
  • Attendee Registration = $

Booth Setup edit

  • PromoDVDs requested by Alan Clark
  • Booth Kit requested by Alan Clark
  • Two laptops for live GNOME/KDE Demonstrations
  • Posters and flyers promoting openSUSE Summit to be distributed around venue
  • Additional marketing materials subject to availability

Event Report

To be filled after Event