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openSUSE:Testing meeting 20110523

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  1. MS1 experience (if available)


May 23 19:00:13 <bmwiedemann> good evening everyone May 23 19:00:22 <LWFinger> Hi. May 23 19:00:59 <bmwiedemann> MS1 is still not there, but I heard that things are moving May 23 19:01:36 <LWFinger> Is the problem gcc 4.6.0? May 23 19:02:44 <bmwiedemann> yes, some packages do not build well with it. May 23 19:02:50 <bmwiedemann> and maybe there was also a new rpm May 23 19:03:24 <bmwiedemann> there was also GNOME3 pushing into factory May 23 19:05:06 <LWFinger> I installed gcc 4.6.0 on one of my sandboxes. There were many warnings, but it built and runs. May 23 19:05:21 <LWFinger> That is, the kernel works. May 23 19:05:34 <bmwiedemann> IIRC some packages are built with -Werror May 23 19:05:48 <LWFinger> That would kill them. May 23 19:06:22 <bmwiedemann> quick "fix" is to just drop Werror May 23 19:06:55 <LWFinger> I posted patches to fix the warnings for the wireless drivers for which I develop. May 23 19:07:26 <tigerfoot> there a lot of nothing provides gcc46 = 4.6.0_20110505 needed by gcc46-java, nothing provides libstdc++46-devel = 4.6.0_20110505 needed by libgcj46-devel and same with perl things too May 23 19:08:04 <bmwiedemann> does that mean, the toolchain is incomplete? May 23 19:08:36 <tigerfoot> bmwiedemann: I don't know, just the fact that factory actually is quite destroyed :-( May 23 19:09:01 <tigerfoot> And we also are waiting the 2.6.39 kernel inside it. (Should appear soon) May 23 19:09:45 <bmwiedemann> so from the current state, a MS1 this week seems unlikely May 23 19:09:50 <LWFinger> Yes, that should not take long. BTW, 2.6.39 looks like a good release. May 23 19:10:07 <bmwiedemann> openQA had nothing to test for ~2 weeks May 23 19:10:57 <LWFinger> Your test bed must be feeling unloved. May 23 19:11:01 <tigerfoot> and more I detect some mirrors loosing some repositories May 23 19:11:31 <ReferenceSeete> How widespread is the repository loss? May 23 19:11:37 <ReferenceSeete> I know unixheads is down. May 23 19:11:39 <tigerfoot> as no more openSUSE_Factory, or for example App:Geo ... which is bad was a good rsync sources May 23 19:12:23 <tigerfoot> has mainly a lot of bad signature check but was also the case with ftp mirroring ... May 23 19:13:09 <tigerfoot> ReferenceSeete: I don't know what else is missing, perhaps someone who has access to the could generate a tree ? ( without home/ ) May 23 19:14:07 <ReferenceSeete> Hmm...well are they down for good? May 23 19:14:35 <tigerfoot> ReferenceSeete: how that ? May 23 19:14:35 <ReferenceSeete> The unixheads packman mirror posted that they are no longer going to continue. May 23 19:15:02 <ReferenceSeete> In the case of Factory mirroring...perhaps it's a temporary situation. May 23 19:15:11 <tigerfoot> did obs take too much place & bandwith ? May 23 19:15:46 <ReferenceSeete> In the case of unixheads, they had a hardware failure. The maintainer eventually decided that the work & cost of repair was too high. May 23 19:15:57 <bmwiedemann> factory is quite volatile - lots of changes (taking mirror bandwidth) - and not so many users May 23 19:16:11 <tigerfoot> ReferenceSeete: I think was more a pb in aachen, actually I saw new KDF for 11.4 hitting the server, yesterday was empty ... May 23 19:17:01 <tigerfoot> bmwiedemann: who can give me some numbers about the factory/obs mirroring ? darix ? May 23 19:18:06 <bmwiedemann> tigerfoot: yes. or just mail admin@opensuse May 23 19:19:01 <tigerfoot> bmwiedemann: good, some people have ask me to have a country mirror May 23 19:19:56 <bmwiedemann> you could also check May 23 19:20:22 <bmwiedemann> giving info about who mirrors May 23 19:20:49 <bmwiedemann> I suppose, we do not have real BW info from all mirrors. just from download.o.o redirector May 23 19:21:35 <tigerfoot> anyway, nothing new for openqa ? May 23 19:22:10 <tigerfoot> apart the testings jobs posted in Prada ? May 23 19:22:14 <tigerfoot> :D May 23 19:23:09 <bmwiedemann> nay. I talked on LinuxTag about it May 23 19:23:25 <bmwiedemann> and added code to test-install FreeBSD May 23 19:24:34 <tigerfoot> oh cool ... now you have to adjust to get all *BSD flavor in it :-) May 23 19:24:59 <bmwiedemann> that is left as an exercise to the reader ;) May 23 19:25:32 <LWFinger> Ahh - the best educator response! May 23 19:27:19 <tigerfoot> bmwiedemann: or a night workshop for OSC :-) May 23 19:27:39 <bmwiedemann> there will be (hopefully) a hackweek 2011-09-26 May 23 19:28:27 <bmwiedemann> time for cool stuff May 23 19:29:15 <bmwiedemann> any more topics for today's meeting? May 23 19:29:53 <LWFinger> Not here. May 23 19:30:34 <ReferenceSeete> The agenda was a bit sparse. May 23 19:31:33 <bmwiedemann> with no MS1, there is really not much to do May 23 19:31:53 <bmwiedemann> of course, we could plan the big test project around MS5/6 May 23 19:33:12 <bmwiedemann> but it is probably too early May 23 19:33:49 <bmwiedemann> so let us close early May 23 19:34:45 <bmwiedemann> thanks everyone for joining