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  1. Experience of openSUSE 11.3 RC6
  2. Posting TCT Meeting Information: community.opensuse/official opensuse wiki/combination?


(19:00:38) bmwiedemann: good evening everyone (19:01:00) bmwiedemann: it is nice to see so many testers join our meeting today :) (19:01:58) bmwiedemann: today's agenda is on (19:02:16) bmwiedemann: #1 being "Experience with 11.4-MS5 & MS6" (19:03:07) bmwiedemann: I had been adding the USB booting and 64-bit DVD problems to the most-annoying bugs list (19:03:41) LWFinger: I did not do much with M5, but I have installed M6 several times with some problems. (19:04:16) LWFinger: First problem listed as Bug # 668198. (19:04:25) bmwiedemann: and our old friend Elmar had also added plenty to the list... though I am not sure how new/critical those are. (19:04:38) Holgi heißt jetzt HolgiDE (19:04:50) bmwiedemann: "11.4 M6 KDE Live CD ejects wrong device" (19:05:05) LWFinger: Installation from Live CD ejects first optical device, not the one you installed from. Minor impact. (19:05:44) bmwiedemann: I talked to coolo about that one. it also happens with USB installs. the funny thing is that if you just have one CD-drive, it can not eject anything, because it is in use. (19:05:49) HolgiDE: I'm wondering if anybody else does have dependency problems installing from DVD (19:06:05) bmwiedemann: HolgiDE: the 64-bit one, yes. (19:06:14) HolgiDE: yes (19:06:31) bmwiedemann: openSUSE-DVD-x86_64-Build1035 (19:06:52) bmwiedemann: unluckily, I only ran DVD Build1033 in my automated tests and that one worked fine. (19:07:22) LWFinger: Problem #2 - NET install on VirtualBox hangs on first reboot following install. No bug files yet. (19:07:53) LWFinger: There is a workaround on Factory ML today. (19:08:41) bmwiedemann: I think, such blocking bugs with workaround should be added to the most-annoying-bugs-list (19:09:17) LWFinger: Problem #3 - Nouveau driver fails on one box. Screen looks sheared. This is a kernel problem and will be reported on kernel bugzilla with a link on Novell. (19:09:42) LWFinger: I need to try the workaround for VB before posting. (19:09:57) HolgiDE: In fact - I'm really wondering why we did not find this before releasing (19:10:01) bmwiedemann: LWFinger: did you retry the nouveau behavior with vanilla kernel? (19:10:30) bmwiedemann: the 64-bit dependency thing was a last minute bug. something in OBS broke. (19:10:43) LWFinger: bmwiedemann: Yes with 2.6.38-rc2. (19:10:45) HolgiDE: I see (19:11:34) bmwiedemann: I should trigger extra DVD tests on openQA - especially before releases (19:12:20) LWFinger: QA keeps getting better and better. Good job. (19:13:08) bmwiedemann: MS6 might have been better, if Hackweek 6 hadn't occupied us (19:13:18) bmwiedemann: but I look forward to RC1 (19:13:41) bmwiedemann: I compiled (19:14:27) bmwiedemann: some more of it could be automated... e.g. the physical tests could be tracked via testopia (19:16:30) HolgiDE: bmwiedemann: in the past I was doing manual installations (19:16:46) HolgiDE: bmwiedemann: but now coolo releases before telling me (19:16:52) bmwiedemann: I also found new wireless issues with my staging driver (ad-hoc). (19:17:18) LWFinger: Which driver? (19:17:32) bmwiedemann: HolgiDE: we should coordinate some physical+manual testing with coolo then (19:17:45) bmwiedemann: LWFinger: the rt2600 one (19:17:58) LWFinger: That one is a PITA. (19:18:14) bmwiedemann: err. 2860sta (19:18:56) bmwiedemann: but that is just an detail. (19:19:06) LWFinger: That and 2870 were both accepted into staging with essentially no testing. (19:19:26) bmwiedemann: we as core testers should make sure that the isos do not contain blocker bugs (19:19:37) bmwiedemann: I can live without WLAN. (19:21:02) bmwiedemann: that is one of the reasons for me to run factory-tested on my notebook (19:21:58) bmwiedemann: tigerfoot, ReferenceSeete: any MS5/6 experience to share? (19:22:28) HolgiDE: I tried grub2 but I did not succeed (19:22:53) HolgiDE: looks like grub2 was written but no valid menu file (19:22:54) bmwiedemann: ubuntu uses it for quite some time (19:23:09) HolgiDE: since I do not have any experience with grub2 (19:23:19) HolgiDE: I don't know what went wrong (19:23:33) HolgiDE: need to spent more time into that in the next days (19:23:47) bmwiedemann: I have some working grub2 configs, if you want to have a look (19:24:05) HolgiDE: maybe we can spent some time on that together tomorrow (19:24:12) LWFinger: What is advantage with grub2? (19:24:21) bmwiedemann: LWFinger: it can work without BIOS (19:24:24) tigerfoot: I've open 5 bugs between saturday and today ... (19:24:40) bmwiedemann: and is more modular. (19:25:22) tigerfoot: bmwiedemann: there's on disavantage about grub2 : it's no more flat config file isn't it ? (19:25:28) ReferenceSeete: Hmm, well I was hit by the DVD issue - LiveCD testing has been brief. (19:25:30) tigerfoot: kinda of registry ... (19:25:36) ReferenceSeete: What I've seen has been positive. (19:26:08) bmwiedemann: tigerfoot: it has many text config files (19:27:04) tigerfoot: bmwiedemann: cool, It was reported to me, that registry things ... and it's better to have 10000 config files :-) (19:27:52) tigerfoot: I will to test the systemd but for the moment just a big disaster. If kay is at fosdem I could show my computer and tackle what's happen ... (19:28:37) bmwiedemann: some people asked why not to make systemd default in 11.4 :D - it is just not yet good enough. (19:28:48) ReferenceSeete: Hopefully systemd + plymouth will make it as default in 11.5/12.0 (19:28:59) bmwiedemann: yes. hope, too. (19:29:11) bmwiedemann: then they could be pushed before MS1 (19:29:27) tigerfoot: Otherwise, it's pretty impossible to obtain a slick and proper 64bits server from install ( the -branding drain lot's of deps linked also to -32bits package ) but that's not new :D (19:29:35) bmwiedemann: the /etc/mtab change for systemd already broke some things now (19:29:53) tigerfoot: ReferenceSeete: plymouth is total disaster too with nvidia & fglrx :-) (19:30:24) bmwiedemann: we are getting somewhat offtopic now. (19:30:27) ReferenceSeete: Yes, but that's because those drivers do not support KMS (19:30:49) ***tigerfoot shutup and stay on topic.. (19:30:58) ReferenceSeete: Hehehe (19:31:08) bmwiedemann: should we add anything to the most-annoying list? (19:31:24) bmwiedemann: and why did people still get hit by the DVD issue that was documented there? (19:31:47) ReferenceSeete: I got hit because I was stubborn. Can't speak for others. (19:32:05) ReferenceSeete: ML said it was too big. FF said "4.4" GiB. (19:32:42) ReferenceSeete: Uncapped internet enables such foolishness... (19:32:51) bmwiedemann: hehe. (19:33:41) HolgiDE: ok, I have to leave (19:33:55) bmwiedemann: bye Holgi. (19:33:59) LWFinger: Bye. (19:34:02) HolgiDE: hope you will still have a good meeting (19:34:05) HolgiDE: cu (19:34:06) ReferenceSeete: Have a good night Holgi (19:34:08) HolgiDE hat den Raum verlassen (quit: Quit: Bye all). (19:34:49) bmwiedemann: should the nvidia graphics issue go on the most-annoying list? (19:35:16) tigerfoot: bmwiedemann: yeap ... (19:35:26) LWFinger: Perhaps, but it is an ongoing problem. (19:35:31) tigerfoot: we need a solution for all of them using it under -32bits (19:35:50) tigerfoot: LWFinger: ongoing like future ? (19:36:12) LWFinger: Yes. Nouveau is very much a work in progress. (19:36:17) bmwiedemann: or like age-old (because nvidia does not release specs) (19:36:42) tigerfoot: from what I've seen, perhaps there's some old patches applied during the build of the rpm that cause those issue ... (19:37:21) LWFinger: Not here - vanilla 2.6.38-rc2 has the same problem. It is a kernel issue. (19:38:25) tigerfoot: LWFinger: with the .run ? But I can't believe that even the .270 beta can handle 2.6.38, they start to tell from the 2.6.37 ... (19:38:54) tigerfoot: the 260.19.36 here under 64bits works like a charm.... :-) (19:39:18) LWFinger: My problems are not with the proprietary driver. (19:39:19) tigerfoot: So we need to convince people to use 64bits version ! (19:39:45) tigerfoot: LWFinger: ok ... (19:39:49) LWFinger: I almost never use it as I change kernels too often in driver development. (19:41:10) bmwiedemann: and recompiling the driver every time sucks. (19:41:19) bmwiedemann: next topic would be "Posting TCT Meeting Information: community.opensuse/official opensuse wiki/combination?" (19:41:21) LWFinger: Indeed. (19:41:33) ReferenceSeete: This was mine. (19:41:49) bmwiedemann: so what is it about? (19:41:51) ReferenceSeete: I noticed that the last meeting's details were uploaded to community.opensuse (19:42:10) ReferenceSeete: I just wanted to discuss where the team wants the details. (19:42:36) ReferenceSeete: I can continue to maintain the TCT minutes archive on the official wiki (19:42:37) bmwiedemann: LWFinger: also shares our scheduled meetings via openSUSE news, which is nice (19:42:47) bmwiedemann: yes, please. (19:42:54) ReferenceSeete: Or would the team prefer to move to the community.opensuse site? (19:43:52) LWFinger: I really have no preference - I plan to continue my posts to the news. (19:43:52) bmwiedemann: the meetbot places its logs there. but we could not get it to work today (19:44:20) ReferenceSeete: Yes, I thought that the automated system was what 'chose' community.opensuse. (19:44:25) bmwiedemann: so wiki is nice, because it always works. (19:45:17) ReferenceSeete: Alright, then I'll maintain the information on the official wiki and we'll just have it in another place when the bot works. (19:45:51) LWFinger: Sounds goo to me. (19:45:54) ReferenceSeete: What is the real name for the opensuse wiki? It's also in the community. (19:46:19) ReferenceSeete: Or is it just "official community" vs "unofficial community"? (19:46:32) ReferenceSeete: ...we need a Foundation. (19:47:26) bmwiedemann: how can any community be completely official (19:48:05) bmwiedemann: is just all our's wiki :) (19:49:07) ReferenceSeete: It'll sort itself out. (19:49:13) ReferenceSeete: "main" wiki or somesuch. (19:50:22) ReferenceSeete: Is there anything else people would like to talk about? I have to go soon, but do not want my log to miss anything. (19:50:36) bmwiedemann: so that is sorted out. we keep logs on the wiki and those on community are linked, so that they are findable. (19:51:03) bmwiedemann: we already reached the end of today's agenda (19:51:49) LWFinger: In the news the week after each of out meetings, I'll ty to link to the minutes. (19:52:06) LWFinger: s/out/our/ (19:52:31) bmwiedemann: that will be on Saturday then (19:52:39) LWFinger: Yes. (19:53:10) bmwiedemann: RC1 is only 10 more days away. (19:53:38) LWFinger: Does that mean our next meeting in 2 weeks? (19:54:01) bmwiedemann: or in 3 if the release date is slipped again (19:54:19) ReferenceSeete: Valentines/Chocolate & Romance Day... (19:54:34) bmwiedemann: time for nice gifts :) (19:55:13) LWFinger: That day was a lot more important when I was young. :) (19:55:22) bmwiedemann: so we plan next meeting for 2011-02-14 18:00 UTC and have 21th as fallback? (19:55:30) LWFinger: Yes. (19:55:31) ReferenceSeete: Hehe. I don't mind the 14th myself. (19:56:40) ReferenceSeete: Brilliant. See everyone on the 14th! (19:57:00) LWFinger: Happy testing. (19:57:39) bmwiedemann: happy testing. see you on 14th