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openSUSE:Testing meeting 20100224

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  1. Installation Test Plan ([1])
  2. Regular TCT Meeting
  3. Setting up test-cases for testing openSUSE 11.3
  4. Testing openSUSE 11.2 updates when they appear in the update-test repository [2]


Feb 24 19:00:10 <LWFinger> It is time, but there will likely be a few more. Feb 24 19:00:14 --> elm ( has joined #opensuse-testing Feb 24 19:01:13 <bmwiedemann> let us start the topics at 18:05 then. Feb 24 19:01:57 --> sharms ( has joined #opensuse-testing Feb 24 19:02:03 <-- sharms has quit (Changing host) Feb 24 19:02:03 --> sharms (~sharms@ubuntu/member/sharms) has joined #opensuse-testing Feb 24 19:03:02 <bmwiedemann> todays topics Feb 24 19:04:19 <bmwiedemann> so now... let us open this meeting. welcome everyone. Feb 24 19:04:34 --> jradzuweit ( has joined #opensuse-testing Feb 24 19:04:46 <sharms> hello Feb 24 19:05:01 <bmwiedemann> first topic would be "Installation Test Plan" by Holgi. shall we start there or is there something to discuss before? Feb 24 19:05:13 <Holgi> fine for me Feb 24 19:05:23 <LWFinger> OK here. Feb 24 19:05:23 <jradzuweit> hi Feb 24 19:05:29 <badshah> ok here too Feb 24 19:05:55 --> CupRacer ( has joined #opensuse-testing Feb 24 19:06:09 <Holgi> is it my turn? Feb 24 19:06:13 <bmwiedemann> yes Feb 24 19:06:22 <CupRacer> Hi @all! (a little too late - hard times at work :-) ) Feb 24 19:06:34 <Holgi> ok, two weeks ago I met jradzuweit at FOSDEM Feb 24 19:06:46 <Holgi> we talked about the installation test plan Feb 24 19:07:02 <Holgi> and he wants to talk about that here Feb 24 19:07:07 <Holgi> jradzuweit, go ahead Feb 24 19:07:55 <Holgi> jradzuweit ? Feb 24 19:08:19 <jradzuweit> on the german wiki is a very good description about doing some checks during installation Feb 24 19:08:43 <jradzuweit> so it might be a good idea to translate it Feb 24 19:09:52 <bmwiedemann> jradzuweit: can you give a link? Feb 24 19:09:59 <jradzuweit> sure Feb 24 19:10:08 <LWFinger> Would this be used to modify the current test plan, or in addition? Feb 24 19:10:37 <jradzuweit> it would be an addition Feb 24 19:10:47 <bmwiedemann> maybe to update/extend Feb 24 19:11:43 <LWFinger> Last meeting I promised to do a test plan for upgrades - once installation is complete, I still plan to do so. Feb 24 19:12:48 --- Notify: siva is online ( Feb 24 19:13:50 <bmwiedemann> jradzuweit: still searching the link? shall we discuss the second topic "Regular Test Core Team Meeting" meanwhile? Feb 24 19:14:00 <jradzuweit> here is the link Feb 24 19:14:20 <jradzuweit> the interesting part is at the end Feb 24 19:15:31 <jradzuweit> a other thing, is I don't like to maintain same info twice (testopia and wiki) Feb 24 19:16:04 <jradzuweit> because test plans in both are the same, how do we manage? any suggestions? Feb 24 19:16:43 <bmwiedemann> testopia is certainly nice because it allows connecting with bugs and gives automatic overview of completion. Feb 24 19:17:02 <jradzuweit> but testopia is not available for the community Feb 24 19:17:27 <bmwiedemann> which is a real downside. Feb 24 19:17:28 <LWFinger> And it would not be understood. Feb 24 19:17:53 <-- elm has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) Feb 24 19:17:54 <jradzuweit> even for me it's hard to understand Feb 24 19:18:03 <LWFinger> Me too. Feb 24 19:18:11 <bmwiedemann> maybe the testopia entries could just link wiki pages? Feb 24 19:19:35 <jradzuweit> creating wiki pages from testopia ? Feb 24 19:19:38 --> MrKane ( has joined #opensuse-testing Feb 24 19:20:10 <Holgi> I would offer a Testopia Training Feb 24 19:20:15 <Holgi> if there is interest Feb 24 19:20:28 <LWFinger> I would be interested. Feb 24 19:20:35 <CupRacer> Me, too. Feb 24 19:20:38 <ReferenceSeete> I would be interested as well. Feb 24 19:20:40 <badshah> This would be helpful Feb 24 19:20:44 <Holgi> but that does not make sense before real usage Feb 24 19:20:48 <bmwiedemann> no. Community could create wiki pages about test-cases step-by-step etc and testopia test-cases would just link those wiki-pages. Feb 24 19:20:55 <Holgi> because you will forget about that if you don't use it Feb 24 19:21:11 <bmwiedemann> I'm also interested in testopia training. Feb 24 19:21:27 <MrKane> Me to Feb 24 19:21:31 <jradzuweit> me to Feb 24 19:21:32 <badshah> I have been using testopia to test installation plan from gnome-live-cd Feb 24 19:21:56 <MrKane> I have started using it, but there is probably much to learn. Feb 24 19:22:06 <badshah> but not really sure I am using it correctly, so some training would really help Feb 24 19:22:11 <bmwiedemann> learning "best practices" would be nice Feb 24 19:22:13 <Holgi> ok, my suggestion would be to do an extra appointment for that Feb 24 19:22:21 <badshah> ok Feb 24 19:22:28 <MrKane> ok Feb 24 19:22:32 <CupRacer> ok Feb 24 19:22:33 <LWFinger> ok Feb 24 19:22:34 <ReferenceSeete> ok Feb 24 19:22:36 <bmwiedemann> ok Feb 24 19:23:04 <Holgi> sounds like accepted ;-) Feb 24 19:24:18 <MrKane> I came in a bit late, any exciting news? Feb 24 19:24:24 <Holgi> ok, what's next? Feb 24 19:25:12 <bmwiedemann> btw: jradzuweit's URL is just so not much to add from there. Feb 24 19:25:40 <bmwiedemann> second topic is "Regular Test Core Team Meeting" by Holgi Feb 24 19:25:43 <Holgi> MrKane: posted you the log Feb 24 19:25:55 <Holgi> ok, this is another item from jradzuweit Feb 24 19:26:45 <bmwiedemann> Holgi? Feb 24 19:26:52 <Holgi> his suggestion is to arrange regular meetings of our team Feb 24 19:27:05 <jradzuweit> me again? Feb 24 19:27:09 <Holgi> during milestone period Feb 24 19:27:13 <Holgi> jradzuweit: yes Feb 24 19:27:17 <MrKane> Holgi: thx Feb 24 19:27:39 <jradzuweit> actualy two suggestions Feb 24 19:28:26 <jradzuweit> using this channel more regulary, it's very quit Feb 24 19:28:32 --> k0da (~k0da@opensuse/member/Eri-zaq) has joined #opensuse-testing Feb 24 19:29:03 <jradzuweit> and second, for the current relase meet to discuss Feb 24 19:29:16 <jradzuweit> next steps before or after a MS Feb 24 19:29:18 <jradzuweit> release Feb 24 19:29:37 <k0da> hi Feb 24 19:30:13 <Holgi> ok, any opinions about a regular meeting? Feb 24 19:30:34 <MrKane> Would you then suggest that we meet her, say every tuesday and sunday at say 19:30? Feb 24 19:30:54 <MrKane> Just as an example Feb 24 19:31:05 <jradzuweit> I am online during the week, anyway Feb 24 19:31:10 <bmwiedemann> I would support that Feb 24 19:31:20 <jradzuweit> so I am not fixed on a date Feb 24 19:31:33 <LWFinger> I would support the Tuesday, but I'm not sure about Sunday. Feb 24 19:31:34 <jradzuweit> after 18:00UTC I am often online Feb 24 19:32:10 <MrKane> I like the idea to come inn here more often. I till like Holgi to keep arranging the "formal" meetings Feb 24 19:32:18 --- Notify: theo is offline ( Feb 24 19:32:43 <LWFinger> Ah, you mean informal ones. Feb 24 19:33:09 <bmwiedemann> yes. less schedule and more event-driven would be nice for those Feb 24 19:33:16 <jradzuweit> maybe we can reduce the informal ones to the feature freeze and RC milestones Feb 24 19:33:47 <Holgi> what do you think about a meeting on every milestone release? Feb 24 19:33:56 <ReferenceSeete> Sounds like a good idea. Feb 24 19:33:56 <Holgi> # Do, 11. Feb, openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 1 Feb 24 19:33:56 <Holgi> # Do, 11. Mär, openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 2 Feb 24 19:33:56 <Holgi> # Do, 08. Apr, openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 3 Feb 24 19:33:56 <Holgi> # Do, 05. Mai, openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 4 Feb 24 19:33:56 <Holgi> # Do, 20. Mai, openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 5 Feb 24 19:33:56 <Holgi> # Do, 03. Jun, openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 6 Feb 24 19:34:13 <jradzuweit> ok Feb 24 19:34:15 <LWFinger> OK. The next one will be quite interesting with the new GCC. Feb 24 19:34:22 <badshah> i think about two days after the MS release so that we can discuss test results etc. Feb 24 19:34:38 <MrKane> Ok Feb 24 19:34:49 <Holgi> that would allways be thursday Feb 24 19:34:58 <Holgi> is that a problem for anybody? Feb 24 19:35:02 <bmwiedemann> Holgi: the current Roadmap should be Feb 24 19:35:09 <CupRacer> No problem. Feb 24 19:35:09 <bmwiedemann> the DE one is outdated Feb 24 19:35:38 <LWFinger> Yes, M2 is out - it was late as was M1. Feb 24 19:35:58 <Holgi> # Thu, Jan 21 openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 1 release Feb 24 19:35:58 <Holgi> # Thu, Feb 11 openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 2 release Feb 24 19:35:58 <Holgi> # Thu, Mar 04, openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 3 release Feb 24 19:35:58 <Holgi> # Thu, Mar 25, openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 4 release Feb 24 19:35:58 <Holgi> # Fri, Apr 09, openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 5 release Feb 24 19:35:58 <Holgi> # Thu, Apr 22, openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 6 release Feb 24 19:35:58 <Holgi> # Fri, May 21, openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 7 release Feb 24 19:36:32 <LWFinger> How about meeting on the Monday following? Feb 24 19:36:49 <badshah> Will it be more useful to meet a day or two after the ms releases so that we can discuss how the tests have been faring etc.? Feb 24 19:37:02 <LWFinger> Yes Feb 24 19:37:28 <badshah> Monday after the milestone release sounds useful Feb 24 19:37:47 <bmwiedemann> it might also make sense to test/meet before MS releases to ensure that they are working well - increasing testability by other testers? Feb 24 19:37:48 <ReferenceSeete> The Monday after would be better than the immediate Thursday after Feb 24 19:38:36 <badshah> bmwiedemann: this would involve testing factory snapshots instead of milestones? Feb 24 19:38:49 <bmwiedemann> badshah: yes Feb 24 19:39:35 <Holgi> any thoughts agains Monday after a ML release? Feb 24 19:39:47 <jradzuweit> is ok Feb 24 19:40:07 <MrKane> ok with me Feb 24 19:40:19 <CupRacer> ok for me Feb 24 19:40:27 <badshah> bmwiedemann: this sounds good, but then testing has to be two track sort of one along rolling snapshots and the other with milestones Feb 24 19:41:40 <bmwiedemann> I just put every Monday evening into my calendar as potential meeting time :) Feb 24 19:42:20 <bmwiedemann> badshah: yes, we already discussed that there have to be different kinds of testing on factory/factory-snapshot/MS/RC/GM Feb 24 19:43:09 <Holgi> ok, decided Feb 24 19:43:33 <MrKane> Next point on the agenda then? Feb 24 19:44:02 <bmwiedemann> "Setting up test-cases for testing openSUSE 11.3" by badshah Feb 24 19:44:12 <badshah> ok Feb 24 19:44:25 <Holgi> badshah: this are old topics from you - I just kept then on the agenda Feb 24 19:45:13 <badshah> there is just the installation test plans right now, we should have more plans like feature testing, application testing from 11.2 and the usability one we thought of earlier Feb 24 19:45:24 <badshah> Holgi: yes, i know. thanks for that. Feb 24 19:45:33 <MrKane> I was just in on the wiki and looked on the release schedule. Is there also a feature schedule that can be linked from there? Feb 24 19:45:49 <MrKane> That is important information regarding tests to prioritze Feb 24 19:46:25 <Holgi> MrKane: you can query at Feb 24 19:46:39 <Holgi> MrKane: for features of 11.3 status "done" Feb 24 19:46:47 * k0da ждет 01:30 Feb 24 19:47:00 <k0da> sry wrong channel Feb 24 19:47:06 <badshah> done and candidate features of 11.3[]=openSUSE-11.3&search_status[]=candidate&search_status[]=done&type=find&commit=Search Feb 24 19:48:23 <badshah> I think we should have a feature test plan and start adding the done and candidate features as test-cases there Feb 24 19:48:40 <bmwiedemann> ok Feb 24 19:48:45 <Holgi> badshah: I can do that - I have a script for that Feb 24 19:49:11 <MrKane> Ok, if I understand this correctly it shows what is done and what is included in this build. I don't see how I can see what's commng in the next MS? How can I den work on test cases for that? Feb 24 19:50:15 <badshah> MrKane: I don't think there's a fixed schedule for when candidate features are going to be marked as done if that's what u mean Feb 24 19:50:31 <MrKane> Ok. Feb 24 19:50:40 <Holgi> MrKane: but testing before status "done" does not make sense anyway Feb 24 19:51:05 <MrKane> Not testing before its done, but prepare test cases! Feb 24 19:51:08 <LWFinger> Does "done" mean more than "it builds"? Feb 24 19:51:20 <Holgi> MrKane: I see Feb 24 19:51:33 <Holgi> LWFinger: no, that it is submitted Feb 24 19:51:53 <Holgi> LWFinger: but not that is in last milestone Feb 24 19:52:04 <bmwiedemann> LWFinger: should mean "worked at least once for someone". why should someone submit broken code? Feb 24 19:53:02 <Holgi> LWFinger/bmwiedemann: no, done means just developer coded it and submit it Feb 24 19:53:54 <Holgi> LWFinger/bmwiedemann: nobody tested it Feb 24 19:54:01 <MrKane> Can I search and find all "candidate" features for 11.3? Or will there pop up candidates inbetween? Feb 24 19:54:03 <Holgi> LWFinger/bmwiedemann: in worst case Feb 24 19:54:16 <MrKane> Will there also come features/changes that are not in the fate lists? Feb 24 19:54:27 <k0da> Holgi, sometimes it means it passed basic test. Or test at compile stage Feb 24 19:55:01 <Holgi> MrKane: probably - but we don't know about them, e.g. for KDE Feb 24 19:55:23 <MrKane> ok Feb 24 19:55:26 <bmwiedemann> MrKane: everyone with a novell-account can add proposed features. but making them accepted/candidate features takes some more. Feb 24 19:56:25 <MrKane> Jupp, I hvae added requests :-) , but it seems that there is not to many interested in them :-( Feb 24 19:56:51 <bmwiedemann> so result of this topic is... we will have a feature test plan again and add "done" and possibly "candidate" features from[]=openSUSE-11.3&search_status[]=candidate&search_status[]=done&type=find&commit=Search Feb 24 19:57:40 <MrKane> ok Feb 24 19:57:41 <Holgi> MrKane: but didn't all of us vote for them? Feb 24 19:57:52 * Holgi did Feb 24 19:58:41 <MrKane> Thx, but there are just not enough core testers :-) And I'm not a good salesperson....... Feb 24 19:59:49 <Holgi> MrKane: if you look at the votes Feb 24 19:59:55 <MrKane> Not even this one : which I find depressive.... Feb 24 20:00:17 <Holgi> there are just 5 with more that 12 votes Feb 24 20:00:49 <Vojtaeus> MrKane: I will vote, I did not cache this feature Feb 24 20:01:00 <MrKane> Oh? for all requests? Feb 24 20:01:15 * bmwiedemann voted Feb 24 20:01:17 <Vojtaeus> 308273 Feb 24 20:01:34 <Vojtaeus> I have features in RSS, but sometimes I miss something.. :( Feb 24 20:02:02 <MrKane> Thx Vojtaeus Feb 24 20:02:09 <Holgi> MrKane: highest has 40 (out of the list of bmwiedemann) Feb 24 20:02:48 <MrKane> Holgi , but shows a heap of stuff ? Feb 24 20:02:58 * jradzuweit voted Feb 24 20:03:00 <MrKane> bmwiedemann thx Feb 24 20:03:31 <Holgi> MrKane: right - but none of them is done or candidate Feb 24 20:04:12 <bmwiedemann> next and last topic would then be "Testing openSUSE 11.2 updates when they appear in the update-test repository" Feb 24 20:04:38 <bmwiedemann> also old from badshah Feb 24 20:04:48 <MrKane> not my cup of tea unfortunately. I have more thatn enough with 11.3 Feb 24 20:05:17 <badshah> u know sometimes there are these big updates from the update rpo Feb 24 20:05:29 <MrKane> badshah: If I remember correctly, this was to prep us before 11.3 started? Feb 24 20:05:41 <badshah> and there are about 4 maintenance people who handle it Feb 24 20:06:05 <badshah> and i think they need help with these big updates, if not the smaller ones in the test repository Feb 24 20:06:29 <k0da> but maintenance for now is only for patchinfos and so. Non for testing Feb 24 20:06:29 <LWFinger> Too many bugs are getting through. Feb 24 20:06:37 <badshah> MrKane: yes, but it is more general; for example even after 11.3 is released and so on Feb 24 20:06:40 <bmwiedemann> I recently found that a security-upgrade of xpdf introduced a segfault. ; would be nice to catch those earlier Feb 24 20:06:44 <bugbot> openSUSE bug 570183 in openSUSE 11.2 (X11 Applications) "libpoppler security upgrade breaks xpdf" [Major,Resolved: fixed] Feb 24 20:07:05 <k0da> afaik Feb 24 20:07:07 <Holgi> badshah: my fear is that we don't even get our 11.3 work done Feb 24 20:07:29 <badshah> k0da: it requires us to subscribe to Feb 24 20:07:49 <badshah> Holgi: I see Feb 24 20:08:07 <Holgi> badshah: but it's good to keep that in mind Feb 24 20:08:10 <k0da> we need some kind of SWAMP Feb 24 20:08:15 <LWFinger> Holgi: So 11.3 should be primary? Feb 24 20:08:18 <badshah> ok, then perhaps we can postpone this for now and talk abt it after 11.3 is released? Feb 24 20:08:25 <k0da> to track it. Feb 24 20:08:26 <MrKane> ok Feb 24 20:08:58 <Holgi> LWFinger: my focus is on the next release Feb 24 20:09:01 <bmwiedemann> yes. try to get a stable release as base. Feb 24 20:09:28 <bmwiedemann> when I reported bugs, I also often tested the fixed rpms (mostly by vuntz) Feb 24 20:09:32 <MrKane> Holgi: What is the trigger for someone to actually look at a openFATE request and change status on it? Feb 24 20:09:56 <badshah> Holgi: i agree, let us focus on 11.3 for now Feb 24 20:10:24 <Holgi> MrKane: you mean how to get information about updates of feature status? Feb 24 20:11:01 <MrKane> Wel... I see some are in state Unconfirmed, smoe new some rejected and so on Feb 24 20:11:44 <Holgi> MrKane: ok, and you want to know how to change the status? Feb 24 20:11:57 <Holgi> MrKane: sorry, I guess I did not get the question Feb 24 20:12:05 <MrKane> yes Feb 24 20:12:34 <Holgi> MrKane: I'm not sure - I just know it for Novell internat features Feb 24 20:12:54 <Holgi> MrKane: project manager decides if a features will be implented Feb 24 20:13:06 <bmwiedemann> that would be coolo then Feb 24 20:13:18 <Holgi> MrKane: developer sets it to "implementing" and "done" Feb 24 20:13:35 <Holgi> MrKane: I'm not sure how this works for opensuse features Feb 24 20:13:37 <badshah> for updates on features one can subscibe to of course Feb 24 20:13:58 <Holgi> badshah: there is also Feb 24 20:14:14 <MrKane> So how can I get coolos address and send him a case of beer to get something in to the project ;-) Feb 24 20:14:37 <Holgi> MrKane: just send to Suse in Nuremberg Feb 24 20:15:00 <LWFinger> It had better be good beer. Feb 24 20:15:05 <MrKane> :-) Then you just grab em Feb 24 20:16:03 <Holgi> MrKane: - add "for the attention of Stefan Kulow" Feb 24 20:16:24 <MrKane> Reason for askin is that fates with just one vote has been looked in to and changed status while others with a number of votes stays in "Unconfirmed" Feb 24 20:16:31 * jradzuweit having a beer right now Feb 24 20:17:13 <Holgi> MrKane: best would be to ask him directly - I guess he is on IRC as well during the day Feb 24 20:17:22 <k0da> and Please put Prague in CC ;) Feb 24 20:18:06 <badshah> MrKane: i guess feature implementation depends a lot on the difficulty of implementing it and whether or not some developer is actually working on it Feb 24 20:18:07 <Holgi> MrKane: how is norwegian beer? Feb 24 20:18:13 <-- thomass has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds) Feb 24 20:18:22 <MrKane> Holgi: Fantastic! Feb 24 20:18:46 <MrKane> Feb 24 20:18:54 * Vojtaeus does not believe :-P Feb 24 20:18:55 <Holgi> MrKane: ok, put me in CC as well ;-) Feb 24 20:19:00 <MrKane> Just a few clicks from here :-) Feb 24 20:19:28 <Holgi> ok, bmwiedemann - anythink else on the agenda? Feb 24 20:20:06 <bmwiedemann> nope. EOL Feb 24 20:20:28 <Holgi> bmwiedemann: maybe any ad hock topics? Feb 24 20:20:36 <jradzuweit> anyone at the CeBIT next week? Feb 24 20:20:44 <MrKane> Chek out the "Dark Horizon" beer on the link above. It costs about 65€ a bottle :-) Feb 24 20:20:53 * Holgi not Feb 24 20:21:16 <bmwiedemann> no. I might be at LinuxTag in Berlin, though Feb 24 20:21:23 <Holgi> jradzuweit: are you? Feb 24 20:21:34 <Holgi> bmwiedemann: good - I plan to be there as well Feb 24 20:21:37 <jradzuweit> yes, Feb 24 20:21:45 <CupRacer> I've got the CeBIT tickets, but there's no time left for it. Feb 24 20:21:45 <MrKane> Has anyone a status of their testing of 11.3 before everyone leaves? Feb 24 20:22:25 <badshah> ok Feb 24 20:22:31 <bmwiedemann> MrKane: I tried to install 11.3 MS1 but install didnt work/boot in my VM Feb 24 20:22:43 <badshah> i did on testopia a testing of opensuse-gnome-livecd x86-64 Feb 24 20:22:47 <MrKane> I have run basic innstalation test on a HP 2133 (VIA based) netbook and on VirtualBox, both worked excellent Feb 24 20:22:59 <badshah> and i ran into bugs which i reported Feb 24 20:23:03 <MrKane> I have obnly recorded the netbook in Testopia Feb 24 20:23:13 <badshah> Feb 24 20:23:18 <jradzuweit> MS 1 worked for me Feb 24 20:23:34 <jradzuweit> zypper dup -> MS seems to work too Feb 24 20:23:43 <jradzuweit> s/MS/MS 2/ Feb 24 20:23:47 <MrKane> Holgi: did you contact Phorinix as discussed before christmast? Feb 24 20:24:02 <Holgi> MrKane: no - sorry Feb 24 20:24:07 <MrKane> ok Feb 24 20:24:46 <Holgi> MrKane: but still have the mail in my todo folder Feb 24 20:25:05 <LWFinger> On MS2, the x86_64 DVD threw a couple of harmless messages (reported), but worked. Feb 24 20:25:41 <MrKane> Should we report anything we find? Feb 24 20:25:52 <Holgi> MrKane: I would do Feb 24 20:26:10 <MrKane> I have noted some small glitches, like the start button beeing the standard KDE? Feb 24 20:26:12 <LWFinger> The MS2 NET install still does not boot on VirtualBox VM's with more than 700 MB RAM Feb 24 20:26:31 <Holgi> MrKane: probably not such small items Feb 24 20:26:36 <MrKane> Ok Feb 24 20:26:46 <Holgi> MrKane: right now - but with later ML's I would do Feb 24 20:27:21 <MrKane> LWFinger: I will test VirtualBox install of 32 bit and 64 bit this evening. This is with ethernet booting of the full DVD's Feb 24 20:27:30 <MrKane> Holgi: ok Feb 24 20:27:36 <bmwiedemann> btw: If anyone wants to do daily automated testing, I have setup auto-updated install images at a constant URL. with possibility to transfer only small diffs: e.g. openSUSE-NET-i586-current-Media.iso.zsync Feb 24 20:28:33 <MrKane> One small Q: I have had problems using Bittorrent o download the MS'es. Is that unique to me? Feb 24 20:28:35 <jradzuweit> how to run automated testing with that? Feb 24 20:29:34 * Holgi does not use Bittorrent Feb 24 20:29:35 <bmwiedemann> jradzuweit: the above is just to easily update (zsync) the current.iso Feb 24 20:29:54 <LWFinger> MrKane: I used a torrent to download the x86_64 DVD, but the client was not Bittorrent. Feb 24 20:30:31 <jradzuweit> bmwiedemann: I see Feb 24 20:30:38 <k0da> MrKane, is it also doesn't work with aria? Feb 24 20:30:43 <MrKane> jradzuweit: Look at the test suite that Phoronix makes, you might get something good from that. Feb 24 20:31:00 <MrKane> k0da: I just tried with Opera and the Ktorrent client Feb 24 20:31:21 <MrKane> From a 11.1 machine :-) Feb 24 20:31:38 <bmwiedemann> jradzuweit: so I ran zsync before my install-tests. unluckily, zypper declared all its package-downloads as non-cachable, so that it had to download it from internet every time Feb 24 20:31:53 <k0da> MrKane, try aria2c it really rocks Feb 24 20:32:06 <MrKane> k0da: thx, will do Feb 24 20:32:27 <k0da> MrKane, but use metalink with that Feb 24 20:33:02 <jradzuweit> bmwiedemann: and that run this scripts you mentioned some time ago? Feb 24 20:33:32 <LWFinger> I used Transmission. Pretty plain, but it worked. Feb 24 20:33:33 <bmwiedemann> yes Feb 24 20:33:34 <MrKane> I wanted to use the bittorrent to help share bandwith. Will I do that with metalink downloads? Feb 24 20:34:03 <k0da> MrKane, this should work Feb 24 20:34:26 <MrKane> ok Feb 24 20:35:37 <k0da> MrKane, --seed-ratio= Feb 24 20:35:53 <MrKane> Than I bid you good night and happy testing in the coming days :-) Feb 24 20:36:18 <bmwiedemann> gn Feb 24 20:36:46 <jradzuweit> cu Feb 24 20:38:10 <LWFinger> Bye Feb 24 20:38:13 <CupRacer> bye Feb 24 20:38:20 <Holgi> bye