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This page is intended as overview of all community talks no matter where they were held. More talks, including those not held in Nuernberg are available here.

Talks held in SuSE rooms


Date Topic Description Presenter Media
20.05.2008 System Imaging with kiwi The talk is a presentation of the kiwi imaging tool in general. After that a new approach for media creation is discussed which will be the next generation installation source creation with the openSUSE BuildService Jan-Christoph Bornschlegel Slides
17.06.2008 Sat Solver Michael Schröder Video.png
03.07.2008 Content Distribution On Large Scale 10 Things You Might Want To Know About openSUSE Download Infrastructure Peter Poeml Slides


08.07.2008 CMake, CPack, CTest and CDash The talk gives an overview about the CMake components. Andreas Schneider Daniel Gollub Slides


17.07.2008 Who can you trust?
A trust system for the openSUSE buildservice
The openSUSE build service (obs) offers everyone the opportunity to build packages for many Linux distributions with relatively little effort. Hence the amount of available versions and variants per package is comparatively high.
Therefore we need a powerful but also simple instrument to evaluate these packages, which are immediately available at the openSUSE software portal. A first approach will be a user contributed rating of all developers working with obs.
Marko trust small.png
Marko Jung
29.07.2008 SWIG - Generating language bindings for C/C++ libraries SWIG makes it incredibly easy to access C/C++ libraries from other languages.

SWIG is a language bindings generator for the glue between e.g. Python, Ruby or Java and C/C++ code. This talk shows how SWIG works, how its run and how to make maximum use of its features.

Klaus Kämpf Slides


10.11.2008 Introduction to C++ and object oriented design This is the first lecture of a series of presentations on C++ programming.

The presentation requires knowing C basic, pointers and structures, and basic program design. Attendants should bring a laptop with a working C++ development tools (e.g. select the C++ pattern).

Duncan Mac-Vicar Prett


Talks held in the wild world

Date Topic Description Presenter Media
May 2008 SUSE Studio Talk from Linuxtag Nat Friedman


May 2008 Linux Kernel Greg Kroah Hartman


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