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When using a Synology NAS with openSUSE there are a few things you have to set-up.

Firewall settings

In order to communicate with the NAS, including installing the firmware, you have to configure the firewall to let some services pass. You can find the list of used ports at Synology's website.

To open those ports you have to open YaST and navigate to Security > Firewall. Open the module and pick Allowed Services from the tree on the left-hand side. Add Zeroconf/Bonjour Multicast DNS and if you need them Samba Client (accessing shared folders) as well as NFS client. Finally click on Advanced at the bottom-right and add igmp in the IP protocols input field.

For Samba Browsing (browsing shared folders) you have to add that service as well, via the Broadcast item from the left-hand side tree.

Synology Assistant

To install the firmware on the NAS you have to start the assistant. Since Synology is too lazy or ignorant (or both) to support openSUSE the shipped installation script will not work. So here is what you have to do:

  1. Copy the SynologyAssistant-version.tar.gz from the installtion CD to a new folder in your home folder. Use dolphin to navigate to your home folder and right click on the file > extract to extract the archive.
  2. Enter the folder you extracted it to
  3. Press F4 to open the konsole within dolphin
  4. Issue ./SynologyAssistant from the konsole at the bottom of the file list
  5. Install the firmware to the NAS


The documentation regarding backing-up with Linux in Synology's manual compared to that describing it for Windows and Mac is a shame. Especially since it's that simple if one knows how to do it.

  1. Enable the Network Backup in Synology's Control Panel
  2. Install luckybackup from the KDE:Extra package repository that fits your KDE repo
  3. Start luckybackup and create a new task. As destination enter NetBackup click on Advanced and enter rsync or admin as username in the Remote-tab, enable Remote module and point it to a file with the password. The file must only contain the password and a line break after it. Further it has to be readable to the owner only, i.e. you have to change the file's permissions with dolphin by right-clicking it Properties > Permissions and setting group and others to denied.