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General information and collection of various services that are available in the Open Build Service

Source Services

The Open Build Service supports the concept of source services. These can be used to automate repetitive tasks, like re-compressing archives, generating vendored tarballs, updating the changelog, etc.pp. The official documentation has a dedicated chapter explaining them in much more detail.

Available Source Services

Service Name Description
erlang_changes Generates a .changes file from the Erlang/OTP package
tar_scm Create release tarballs from cvs/svn/git repositories
source_validator Runs the checks necessary to get accepted into openSUSE:Factory
format_spec_file Formats the spec file according to current formatting rules
download_url Downloads arbitrary content before the build
node_modules Automatically vendor the node_modules directory from package-lock.json
product_converter ??
bundle_gems Gets the list of gems from Gemfile and adds them as sources to the spec file.
download_files Fetches all SourceN: entries from the spec file, provided that they contain a full URL.
kiwi_import ??
go_modules Vendors the go dependencies from go.mod
cargo_vendor Vendors the Rust dependencies from Cargo.toml. See Packaging Rust Software.
cargo_audit Runs cargo audit using the cargo.lock of the package before building the package. See Packaging Rust Software.
set_version Sets the version in a spec file or debian dsc according to rules from external files.
refresh_patches ??
recompress Re-compresses an archive to a new format
python_sdist Generates a python sdist from a
extract_file Extracts a single file from an archive.
update_changelog ??
git_tarballs Creates a tarball and changelog from a git repository
renderspec Generates a spec file from a Jinja2 template
python_requires Sets the package versions for python dependencies from a pypi tarball
replace_using_package_version Replaces strings in an image build with versions extracted from another package.
github_tarballs Downloads release tarballs from github and updates the changelog accordingly
container_checks ??
part2pkg ??