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Constructing Objects

  • FreeCAD is the most complete open source CAD application and highly recommended. It even includes FEM and Architectual modules beside the usual 2D and 3D CAD modules
  • Blender (anyone?) is by far and definitly the most complete open source animation and CAD application and most highly recommended, but has its own learning curve.
  • Solvespace is a simple and intuitive 3d CAD modeling tool, with capabilities to export triangulated CAD model which can be viewed using a browser.

3D Print

  • Cura Engine is a slicer engine for generating gcode for 3D printers
  • Cura is a UI frontend for Cura Engine and for controlling your printer.
  • Printrun can be used to control the printer on command line


Various [openSUSE:Science_Repositories|repositories] can be found basically in three projects.

  • That stable science projects hosts most applications. However many of them a relative outdated.
  • Esp. apps like FreeCAD and Cura should be used from the science:unstable project
  • There is a special project hosting the code base of the forked apps from AlephObjects science:unstable:LulzBot project. This needed for LulzBot printers for example