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Math page of the Science Project.


There exist many math and scientific computing related software, available as open source on Linux platforms. This is a list of some packages which might be interesting for people using computational tools. Many of these software packages are either not packaged for openSUSE yet or not available in (semi)-official repositories.

Computer algebra systems (CAS)

  • Maxima (repo: openSUSE Contrib)
  • wxMaxima is a document based interface using the wxWidgets GUI toolkit. (repo: openSUSE Contrib)
  • SymPy a python-based CAS (repo: science)
  • Sage

General Scientific Computing

  • SciPy is a python based tool box for mathematics, science and engineerings (repo: science)

related computation tasks. Its package collection provide tools to work for integration, optimization, interpolation, fourier transform signal and image processing, statics etc.

  • Octave A high level interpreted language for numerical computations, which

is mostly compatible to Matlab. (repo: openSUSE Contrib)

  • Scilab Another problem solving environment for numerical computation in science and engineering. (repo: Education)
  • R An environment for statistical computing. (repo: openSUSE Main)

High Performance Linear Algebra Solvers

  • BLAS
  • uBLAS
  • ATLAS (repo: Education)
  • openblas (repo: science)
  • NumPy is Python package providing basic array and linear algebra data structures and algorithms. As such it is a fundamental package for SciPy.
  • LAPACK (not for sparse matrices) (repo: openSUSE Main)
  • Armadillo (not for sparse matrices) (repo: openSUSE Main >= 12.1)
  • SuiteSparse is mainly a collection of linear algebra tools for sparse matrix computations. (repo: Education)

Mesh Generation and Related Tools

See for a vast overview of public domain and commercial mesh generators

  • Netgen/NGSolve is a 3D tetrahedral mesh generator, providing modules for mesh optimization and mesh refinement. It comes with a GUI. (repo: science)
  • Gmsh A 3D mesh generator, together with a build-in CAD engine and a GUI (repo: science)
  • CalculiX ccx is a package designed to solve field problems. The method used is the finite element method. With CalculiX Finite Element Models can be built, calculated and post-processed. The pre- and post-processor is an interactive 3D-tool using the openGL API. (repo: science)
  • CGAL is the Computational Geometry Algorithms Library and contains among other tools packages for mesh generation in 2D and 3D (repo: graphics)
  • GTS, the GNU Triangulated Surface Library provides tools to work with 3D surface meshes. (outdated, last program release 2006-03-29) (repo: graphics)

Mesh/Graph Partitioner

Computational Geometry and Related Packages

  • Bullet is a physics and collision detection library

High Performance Toolkits

Often geared towards solving partial differential equations (PDEs)

PDE Solving Environments

  • FEniCS Project (repo: science) provides a problem solving environment (PSE) for automated solution of partial differential equtions by the finite element method and consists of the following Subprojects]:
    • FIAT, the FInite element Automatic tabulator,
    • UFL, the Unified Form Language,
    • UFC, Unified Form-assembly Code
    • FFC, FEniCS Form Compiler
    • SYFI,
    • Instant, a tool to inline C/C++ in Python,
    • Viper, the minimalistic visualization module of the FEniCS project.
    • DOLFIN the main component, providing the PSE for partial different equations
  • FreeFem++
  • DUNE (repo: science)
  • lifeV
  • deal.II
  • libMesh
  • OpenFOAM
  • G+Smo (repo: science/gismo)

Visualization Tools and Related Software