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What others say about SUSE Studio

 "A few weeks later, the SUSE Studio project opened up publicly and that was the final push - I could package Linux software into appliances on line, for free,"
"I'm an Ubuntu fan, but I really enjoy using SUSE Studio."
"Novell's SUSE Studio is taking the world by storm. [...] The most impressive part is that all this functionality
is accessed from within a browser."
 "I just built my own Linux distribution through my browser. [...] Sometimes technology throws curveballs at us that are so unbelievable you’d
  have to read the statement several times to realize that you aren’t hallucinating. Do you think I’m writing a piece of science fiction? Enter
  SUSE Studio."
"With that said, SUSE Studio handles appliance creation tasks better, by far, than any such tool I've tested."
 "The SUSE Studio user interface is extremely well-engineered. The whole experience is polished, intuitive, and painless."
 "It may be the most important thing Novell has done for software shops in decades."
"Try finding something as good as SUSE Studio Online for Windows, Unix, etc. (Spoiler: you won't.)"
"Linux is well known for being very customizable, but with SUSE Studio, things are taken to an entirely new level."