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openSUSE:RMLL 2015

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openSUSE @ RMLL 2015 - Beauvais (France, close to Paris)

The openSUSE Project is planning a community booth at the RMLL

General Information

About RMLL see

  • Location: Beauvais
  • Date: 04-10 of july 2015
  • Booth Setup: Table for 3 personn maximum + electric plug and Wifi
  • End: 10 of july 2015
  • Public Opening Times: 10h-18h30 (week-end) 9h-18h30 (week)
  • Early/late access for people holding the booth: 8h30
  • openSUSE will have a booth for 3 personn with screen and computer on openSUSE of course !

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Who will attend? Please fill in your name if you're going. And arrival & departure date & time so maybe you can share a train or cab, and we might organize a hotel together. In case you need travel support (see * below) fill in your travel costs.

travel cost*
Nicolas (Doctor Who on Alionet) Amiens
Guillaume (TBC) Niort


Some material is needed for the booth setup. Please add things you are able to provide:

How much?
LCD 23" Screen Nicolas (Doctor Who on Alionet) 1 for displaying presentation in loop
Laptop Nicolas (Doctor Who on Alionet) 1 running openSUSE 13.2 with all Yast modules
Various things to set-up the booth TBD Big posters, a cutter, a scotch tape ...

Please add the things which you may require from the international team. Be sure to share this with the -marketing list!

Goodies :
How much?
User:Geeko openSUSEland Event At the last
usb key, sickers, plush, pen, and other goodies openSUSE Marketing Event At the last

After the Event

RMLL 2015 edit

    • Would you go again?
    • What more can you do to make it better?
    • And next year?
  • More on some blogs:

Common Questions Asked edit