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openSUSE:QtDevDays 2012 event

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openSUSE @ XYZ Event

 openSUSE will have people at the Qt Devdays


General Information

 Event website
 * Location: Cafe Moskou, Karl-Marx-Allee 34, berlin, germany
 * Date: Nov 12-14 2012
   ** Booth Setup:na
   ** End:
 * Opening Times:
 * How many attendees does the event have? ~600
 * Who is organizing this event? Kolab
 * What are the target visitors for this event? IT professionals
 * Registration required? yes
 * Who is organizing this event from openSUSE? Jos Poortvliet
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After the Event

Try to answer the questions below and get us the answers to help us improve our support for you!

Talking points

  • Were you aware of [1]? Sure

Handed out some DVD's and stickers to people

QtDevDays 2012 event // Here comes your Event Name edit

  • About the event
    • What kind of people come to the event? Business people and developers
    • How technical is the event? very in-depth technical sessions
    • How much is it about 'open source'? Most people know but it is not a central theme
  • Attendance Details
    • Tell us about the event, what did you do and how did it go? I initially wanted to go one evening but due to a communication issue I had to volunteer and be there three days from 8:00 to 18:00
    • Did you have a booth and how did that work? We had no booth.
  • did we meet noteworthy people?
    • There was a KDE meeting as well as a Qt marketing meeting. I talked to both about collaboration with openSUSE. If we want to focus more on technical people in the future, this is an event to go to. We can probably get a booth quite easily. There is of course lots of Windows and Mac and embedded business there but 'the desktop is not dead' as a few vendors said and I they seem serious.
  • What can we improve for the future...
    • Would you go again? If we (openSUSE or SUSE) are interested in targeting developers or small and medium businesses (or both) it would be a good idea to be at this event. Otherwise not. And make sure we know what the 'rules' are...
    • What more can you do to make it better? We could probably have a booth.
  • Any interesting topic you heard: The Qt project is just setting up some marketing. We can probably work with them on that.
  • Any feedback from outside: Quite a number of people is using openSUSE there. We can and should do more to work with and for them!

Common Questions Asked edit

  • Question 1 Where is openSUSE going?
  • Question 2 Does openSUSE still care for the desktop?