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This is collection of questions and types of questions that can be interesting to ask in People of openSUSE series of interviews with people that make openSUSE project.

General information

  • name
  • irc nick
  • irc channels
  • team(s) you're involved in

Personal questions

  • What do you do in openSUSE?
  • What's coming from you in the next release?
  • What is the coolest thing you ever did for openSUSE?
  • what is the weirdest thing that happened to you in or around openSUSE?
  • What should everyone know about you?

I suggest to keep it at these questions. Short, complete. But if someone answers not enough, go on and push them for more :D

Our first draft of the 2012 series of People of openSUSE just arrived! Please review it and mail your impressions to

See the draft: