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A patch info file describes an update for a released product. For normal bug fix update the packager is supposed to create one when submitting an update.

Patch info files for security updates are normally written by the security team.

A patch info file contains the following information:

  • user name of the packager who is responsible for the update
  • bugzilla ids
  • category of the update (security, normal, optional, feature)
  • rating describing the urgency of the update (low, moderate, important, critical)
  • one line summary, display in the list in yast2 online update
  • description that can be understood by non-technical users
  • list of CVE numbers (security updates only)
  • potentially additional flags: reboot_needed (for kernels), zypp_restart_needed (for the package management stack)

When using osc patchinfo an xml representation of the information is used.

   <summary>Recommended update of foopackage</summary>
   <description>This update fixes the bar feature of foopackage when using it with a snafu server.... </description>
   <issue tracker="bnc" id="123456">foopackage has broken bar</issue>
   <issue id="CVE-YYYY-12345" tracker="cve" />