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openSUSE - Mobile and cloud ready distribution


We are the Linux distribution that embraces a mobile and social world backed by cloud data services delivering a desktop experience best integrated with those platforms. In addition, we deliver a server solution to host the data and the development tools for those platforms and devices. Our target customers are professionals, developers, IT departments, and mobile consumers.

Use cases

Fred wants to sync his bookmarks, addresses, files, application data, etc. between his desktop machines and mobile devices via the cloud in a seamless manner. Next year, his company plans to run their own private cloud server infrastructure instead of using a public service. Fred also wants to easily connect to the most common social network services out-of-the-box when he installs openSUSE.


We have discussed our expectations for the future and we understand the "Google vision" where Google (as well as other companies but Google is the prime example here) hosts all data that then follows mobile users to wherever they are and whatever kind of (mobile) device they have. Our tweak here is that we think some customers do not wish to use the public infrastructure for their data.


We need to be excellent in the following

  • Create connectivity server for private cloud data service
  • Support client connectivity to cloud services hosted by others, e.g. Google
  • Support connectivity to our private cloud service
  • Establish easy client setup of connectivity and social services
  • Create Tools for remote administration via smart phones of Linux Desktop incl. WebYaST
  • Ensure remote administration tools are optimized for use with devices (e.g. YaSTroid)
  • Deliver integrated development tools for mobile platforms, e.g. Android, MeeGo and WebOS SDKs
  • Collaborate with Android / MeeGo / WebOS (not Apple as it is a closed system)
  • Lobby for open standards for mobile data access

We will try to do the following effectively

  • Deliver a distribution integrating mobile connectivity
  • Deliver a build service for building distribution and applications
  • Provide multiple desktop experiences for everyone wishing to use mobile services
  • Provide SUSE specific packages: YaST, zypper, AutoYaST, ...
  • Provide the best social service apps out of the box and make sure users easily find them and configure them
  • Bugfixing
  • Testing
  • Feeding back patches to upstream
  • Collaboration with upstream
  • Collaboration with other Linux distros

As project, we will not focus on the following anymore

  • applications that don't integrate with the mobile world